I would like to order something from Dunhelm

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      .. they do a pay over 3 month plan, it’s with a company called Klana, has anyone done this, are they safe, googled them they seem legit but worried about giving them my bank details.


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        Klarna threatened me for months , with court action and bailiffs if l didn’t pay a bill of £30 + pounds , despite l never owed anyone any money ever.

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          I use Klarna alot, no issues what so ever.

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            Use Klarna all the time never had any problems. It’s helpful if kids need new trainers (16)yr old size 11 so not cheap) or clothes that I can budget into the 3 monthly payments. Also use Clearpay too again never had any issues and I try to pay off what’s already there before making any more purchases x

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              Klarna is safe, used them many times. They take the payment out automatically every month for 3 months interest free.

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                I use klarna all the time it’s good also use zilch bit you pay every 2wks on zilch and you can use it in store aswell. They help especially at Christmas I’ve never had any problems with either company.

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                  I ordered bedding of them they took the money never got the bedding bin in touch with with3 on 4 times that was 8 month ago they say that they have to wait to see if it as bin delivered if its not bin delivered by now don’t think it will be.

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                    Klarna has been going a good few years now and is as safe as any other payment plan company like clearpay, lay-by, and PayPal pay in three.

                    I have a separate basic bank account that Ibuse for online purchases, perhaps look into opening one to set your klarna account too.

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                      I’ve used klarna before and never had any issues! If you have the money before your scheduled dates you can pay it off early too. your best bet would be to download the app as that will store your account and your active purchases so that you can make payments etc. hope this helps.

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                        They are very safe. The best I’ve found to go with is zilch. You pay no extra and can pay every fortnight so say I spend 200 I pay 50 pound the first time then every 2 weeks till its paid. Its amazing been using it for 3 and a half years. You also get points if you pay in full to use on other things. I find it amazing to do big shops at asda etc you can get vouchers and use them as you wish don’t have to use the full balance there and then and you can use them in store.

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