If you had $200,000 in Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook) stock. What would you do?

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      Keep or diversify? And if diversify, where to?

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        It depends what percent of your overall net worth is that $200K. If you have $2MM total then having 10% of your net worth in one single stock is somewhat risky but still manageable. But if that $200K is 40% of your net worth then you’re concentrated way too much. I would in that case diversify most of it into VTI.

        You will hear people talk about getting rich off a single stock but for every one person like that you have a hundred other people who faced massive losses. It’s the perfect example of survivorship bias because the people who lost big are usually too ashamed to talk about it whereas the people who made it big will shout it to the rooftops.

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          Move it to 50% VOO, 40% VXUS, 10% VWO.

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            Is this $200k meant for my retirement? If so I would put it into VTSAX.

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              I have a lump sum diversified across agriculture and renewable energy. These yield dividends of about 23.3% combined on a 5-year average dividend growth rate.

              With the shift to cleaner, eco-friendly and sustainable energy, demand for renewable energy is on the rise and we are in the beginning stages of technological advancement in this endeavor.

              There’s one recession proof sector that shouldn’t be overlooked: agriculture. It is simple, whatever happens, people still need to eat. Meeting growing global demand for food is of paramount importance and given the uncertainties facing the U.S. economy, investing in agriculture could give risk averse and long term investors peace of mind.

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