I’m suffering from SubmitPhobia

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      I have a good chunk of money to throw at my debt and it scares me to click submit.

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        You don’t have a good chunk of money. Your debtors are allowing you to keep their money in your account.

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          ROFL! I love this word! How wonderful to be in that position. How far will it get you through BabyStep 2? You already know the answer, being in our forum, but please share your details, so we can encourage you more!

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            (BS 7 here) do it! It feels so good when you don’t have any more debt and your money belongs to you! It’s worth it.

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              I am sincerely curious- How do people have money and debt at the same time? I mean if a person has money, why would he/she borrow money? Don’t tear me apart, I am just trying to understand.

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                I feel you! The first few smaller cards I paid off felt great, then for some reason I felt afraid to throw the cash at this one…what if I might need that cash? But like others have said, it wasn’t really my cash, and it really will feel amazing to continue to see my balances go down!!

                You got this!!

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                  Do it! Or do a little bit each day, lol but I bet once you feel the freedom from that first submit… you will go gazelle and bang that Submit button.

                  Let us know!!

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                    The struggle is real!! I am coming from a place where I had piles of cash around the house to cover whatever came up…going down to the $1k Emergency fund is scary…but I am finding that looking at my balances owed going down is addictive!! I also keep telling myself and my hubby who is apprehensive about the only 1k ER fund that we can cash flow most real emergencies if needed.

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                      I felt the same way when it came time to submit my final BS2 payment. I had enough to make the payment, but I could not bring myself to actually click the button. One day, I was listening to the podcast, and heard a Debt Free Scream. I told myself, “That could be you right now, but you’re being silly.” So I went out to my car on my break, had a good little shout to psych myself up, and made the payment. I had imagined myself in BS2 as the princess who fights a dragon, and after fighting the dragon for so long, it’s hard to imagine what you do once the dragon is defeated. You’ve got this!

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                        You can always go back into debt if you don’t like the feeling of being debt-free!

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                          I suffer from debt phobia.. step seven retired at 43… hit submit and enjoy not only financial peace but overall peace as well.

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                            I had the same thing when I was paying off my student loans while they were on freeze. Instead of throwing the big chunk at them ($25k), I did smaller, frequent payments and checked in after each one to see how I felt. Part of it was what having that money in the bank meant to me security wise. It got easier as I hit certain self set milestones of getting the balance below certain amounts. It took me almost 2 months, but it started to feel really good to see the debt decreasing. I also found where the “I don’t want to see my account get below x amount” was, which was helpful when I was then in BS3 and beefed up to 6 months from my original plan of 4 months.

                            You got this. It’s ok to do it in chunks vs a lump sum. The point is you are doing it.

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