What could I do to make more working locally and be able to put money away?

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      Hey my name is Nevin and I have a question pretty much anyone on the show who is willing to help. So to give a quick run down on me and my situation… I’m in baby step one with my $1000 saved and paying off everything my wife and I have for debt while have two young children. I have two options for my future.

      I currently work for a union construction company and make pretty good money with annuity for my retirement. With that said company I have to wake up at 3:30 AM and I’m back home around 5:00 PM every day but miss a lot of time with my kids and it sucks. I make good money and they put that money away for my retirement which is good but I feel like I never see them.

      My other situation is my father owns a construction company and getting up there in age but is stubborn to try to let me take over when I know I could make him and I some good money if I manage the company.

      So my question is what could I do to make more working locally and be able to put money away for retirement for me and still put money away to buy a home?

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        The future of work is remote, not local. So try to find a way to use your skills to serve people around this great country (and maybe even beyond). Also, one thing at a time… don’t worry about retirement and buying a home yet. Focus on paying off all your debt first, that’s step 2. Then we can talk about the other steps.

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          Could you join the carpenters union? My sister loves it and has been doing that since she graduated HS.

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            First of all I would go to your father and ask him if you could help with the business. And tell him why. You want more time with his grandchildren. Ask him to show you the ropes. Let him teach you his ways And express to him that you would like to someday buy the business from him.

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              Being gone for 13 1/2 hours a day is definitely not something that I would do long term. Once you get in a better place financially can you cut back on those hours? Is much of that time commuting? If yes, could you move closer to work to give you more time at home?

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                Taking a pay cut for quality of life concerns isn’t usually what people do when they’re successful moving through the first three Baby Steps. When you get all your debt paid off snd have a fully funded emergency fund you snd your wife can sit down and plan “with intentionality” how you want to handle saving for the purchase of a home, building retirement, saving for kids’ college, etc. If at that point you feel like you might slow things down in order to step into the family business, that would be up to you. I would just note that I’ve never really heard successful business owners say that things are easier for them time-wise in business than when they were working a regular job.

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                  How long for you to pay off your debt? I know it’s sucks being away but the sacrifice to make that extra money and get out of step 2 will be worth it.

                  It sounds like the local option with your dad could have some issues if he is stubborn. What if you go work with him and it doesn’t work out now you are stuck. I’d work your tail off and get out of debt where you are at. Then once you’re out maybe start your own thing.

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                    You are doing to many things at once brother.

                    Follow the baby steps and focus on one step at a time. You are going in 1000 different directions and getting nowhere, focused intensity.

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                      Working with a parent isn’t so easy. Most of the staff think you won’t have earned your place so they’ll all turn over. Entrepreneurship requires a lot of training in bookkeeping, taxes etc. Even if you hire someone you have to know what they’re doing.

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                        You are in BS 2! You’re done with one. If your kids are really little, they may not remember that you were not around that much because their memory is so limited. You should really just work as much as you can until you are finished with step 2 and 3. Then you can look for a job with better quality of life.

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