How do I get rid of cat & dog smell in my house?

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      I have 3 dogs and 5 cats (3 are indoor only). Needless to say, my house can really smell like it! The best thing I’ve found is Yankee Candle plug in, Lilac.

      Is there a way I can make this myself?

      Right now is lilac blooming time here!

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        I have a lot of pets too, air purifiers are costly but seem to help!!

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          These type of oil warmers and candles are proven to be TOXIC to pets. Please do not use them.

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            Please look up essential oils & artificial fragrances that are Toxic for Cats. Many common fragrances are extremely dangerous for kitties when used with a diffuser / plug in.

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              Vanilla and Cinnamon seem to be a good odor Control for me. I buy the candles at Michael’s (I don’t have animals though).

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                Believe it or not we have found that baking soda and charcoal work really well in absorbing the odors and not just covering it up. Of course, you can use your fragrances to make your house smell good but if you eliminate the odor first your fragrances will smell so much better.

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                  I also have 3 dogs and 5 cats. I am cleaning constantly to keep up with the smell. Rocco and Roxie stain and odor illiminater has worked the best for me. Amazon. Now I need help with all of the hair!

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