Is getting Invisalign worth it for someone with inconsistent retainer use and a modest income?

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      I‘m trying to decide if getting invisalign would be worth it, my dentist says I need to get it. I had braces years ago and I wear retainers, but I’ve gotten inconsistent with wearing them and they’re gross now.

      So my teeth have shifted.

      I‘m single and I’m lucky to gross $35-40k a year, and I pay all my rent and expenses by myself.

      I have savings but it just seems frivolous.

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        Have had my teeth straightened twice, once with Invisalign. IMO, the determining factor should be whether you’re committed to wearing the retainer.

        I simply can’t tolerate it, and my teeth have shifted yet again.

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          Personally, it isn’t frivolous if you can afford it. Even if you “need” them because your teeth have shifted and just are not aesthetically pleasing anymore, I would spend the money if you want too and can afford too.

          I have a few teeth that have shifted and would like to have them corrected in the future. 3 of 4 wisdom teeth are still in and have caused noticeable shifting over the past few years. Dentists have never said anything about needing correction or even suggested, but it’s still something I would love to do down the line. Even on a teaching salary of around $40,000. If it makes you happy, do it.

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            Medical care is never frivolous. It usually saves you money to take care of medical issues, including dental, early on rather than waiting until it causes other issues. If the issue is purely aesthetic, you don’t “need” it. But if it’s necessary to prevent gum disease, underbite/overbite, crossbite, etc, then it’s worth spending the money on.

            You have to be consistent though, otherwise it will be money wasted. Don’t get inconsistent with wearing them. There are less expensive versions of products similar to Invisalign now though, ask your dentist if those can work as a less expensive alternative

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              Does your dentist do Invisalign himself or would he be referring you to an orthodontist?

              If it’s something offered in his office, I would consider whether he’s concerned for your oral health or his wallet. Does your bite cause any problems? It can affect chewing as well as possibly breathing. Or is it purely cosmetic? If it’s only cosmetic, it would depend on how self conscious you are.

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                I got Invisalign because my one crooked bottom tooth kept hitting and breaking a top front tooth. It was costing me hundreds of dollars at least once per year to fix the same problem over and over. The retainers also act as a nighttime grind guard for me.

                My back teeth are apparently flat compared to what they should be because I am a grinder. So they’re also helping save my enamel and keeping me from splitting my molars.

                So for me, the Invisalign is paying for itself in fewer dental repairs and less time in the chair overall.

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                  As someone who had to have my remaining top teeth pulled late last year and get top dentures, I would certainly implore you to take care of your teeth. Trust me in this. Join any denture group. You will NOT be prepared for having no teeth. I guarantee it. It is NOT frivolous.

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                    I work in a dental office and am also frugal.

                    I think ortho tx is worth money if teeth are very crowded and hard to clean or teeth moving is causing bite/TMJ issues. If teeth just slightly shifted/rotated I think Invisalign would be waste of money.

                    If you still have old retainers and they will still go mostly over teeth I recommend wearing retainers over night and take Tylenol to reduce some of soreness. In the morning retainer should not be as tight. Then wear like Invisalign tray-22 hours a day until no longer tight, then every night forever. Then you can get new retainer if you want but teeth will be back in position.

                    If you no longer have old retainers, cheapest option would be to have new retainers made so teeth do not shift/crowd more in the future. (You can see see price difference for Invisalign versus just getting new retainers)

                    I think it would be great if everyone wears retainers nightly-as we age our teeth move just very slowly so notice more around age 50-60. Also clear retainers will prevent wearing down of teeth from grinding

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                      Being on the tailend of dental work, I can tell you that your elder self will be glad you did it.

                      Taking care of your teeth at your young age is extremely important.

                      Envisalign is a preventative measure and costs a pittance compared to restorative work.

                      This advice is from experience, not speculation.

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