Is Southwest Airlines Business Select worth it for aisle seat?

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      Does anyone have experience flying Southwest Airlines Business Select? I need to book a flight and they seem to be the cheapest overall as they give you 2 free check-in bags. But the best they do for seat selection is let you board first in Business Select. They don’t offer a pre-select for seats.

      I need an aisle seat. Would choosing Business Select pretty much guarantee that I would get an aisle seat? Or would I be better off choosing the cheaper option and arriving super early to be first in line the Anytime option? Thanks for any advice and suggestions!

      I will be flying from the east coast to the west coast and haven’t flown for decades!

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        I always fly Southwest. The trick with southwest is to get your boarding pass online exactly 24 hours before scheduled takeoff. This is done online through their app. This pretty much guarantees you will be among the first 70 people to board, and you can sit where you want.

        They don’t do assigned seats.

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          Go with the cheaper option but pay for early bird check in. Be sure to check in as quickly as you can as that gives you your boarding order.

          Or when you arrive go to the desk agent at your gate and request to preboard for disability. They will ask you if you need help down the jetway or a special seat. Explain that you need a special seat.

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            If you need an aisle seat for a specific reason…go to the counter and ask for a preboard

            They will say do you need a specific seat on the aircraft you say yes I need an aisle seat…this question is required by the American disability act it prevents you from having to disclose a medical or psychological reason you need a specific seat. By law they cannot ask you what your condition is amd they cannot deny you because of that.

            I am former SWA employee.

            I will add if you don’t have a medical issue or psychological condition please do not ask for a preboard it’s dishonest and will prohibit those who really do need it from getting the assistance they need.

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              I fly southwest a lot and have never used business select. Your place in line is determined by how fast you check in, which opens 24 hours before the flight. I have paid to upgrade to A1-A15 before and it was only $30, so I would be more inclined to do that then use business select.

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                Early bird checking is best. Southwest automatically checks in for you so you don’t have to sit at the computer tap tap tapping. This will get you in A boarding.

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                  Sorry but I will not fly any airline that does not allow me to pick my seat in coach. I never check my bags either. A 21 carry on will hold everything you need for a week maybe even 2 if you pack correctly and a normal size backpack will fit under the seat in front of you.

                  I avoid Southwest Airlines like the plauge. The one time I flew them to Las Vegas it was the worst flight I ever took in my life. Pay a bit extra for an assigned seat on another airline.

                  Chances are you will not have as many cancellations and perhaps more direct flights too.

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                    I think it is best to book the cheapest flight and pay for early bird check in. Or just check in exactly at 24 hours beforehand and pay the fee to upgrade to A1-15. I have their upgraded credit card that includes 4 free upgrades a year, but I have only used 2 in the past year or so.

                    I like early bird because it is one less thing to worry about (I only travel for vacation and EB on the flight home is a must).

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                      I’d get the cheap seat and add Early Bird Check In. It will automatically check you in 36 hours before the flight. Regular check-in is 24 hours before the flight via the app. With Early Bird you usually land in the A group or the first 20 of B group. You’ll board early enough to get an aisle seat.

                      If you think you qualify for the Customer of Size Policy do a search for it in this group. It comes up a lot and there is a lot of good information about it.

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                        Like others have said, get a lower priced ticket but pay extra for early bird, usually that’s $15-25 per flight segment. It’s worth it for the automatic check in and better boarding #. I’ve always done this and never had an issue finding a window seat for me and an aisle for my husband in the same row. It’s not 100% guaranteed, but in the dozens of flights I’ve done with them, it’s never once been an issue.

                        If you’re very concern though, you can pay slightly more to get the upgraded boarding #, which is right after pre-boards (those needing extra time for young kids or disabilities), and you definitely won’t have any problems.

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                          Arriving early isn’t going to help but selecting your seat online as soon as they allow would be helpful. I recently flew with Southwest & had an aisle seat coming and going.

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