Is there specialized therapy for dealing with hangups about wealth and money?

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      I read books and read books, but my mindset around money just doesn’t seem to change.

      The majority of my life has been lived with a sense of scarcity when it comes to money.  I’ve always had enough, but anything more than that stresses me out, big time.

      I’d love to get to the bottom of it with actionable steps to actively change my misconceptions.

      Thank you all. ❤

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        This is where I think listening to Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich podcast could help. He has many episodes where he works with well off people about their hang ups.

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          Curious to know what you’ve “tried and failed” before? Also, it might be good to know where you are currently at. Are you paying debt off? Or debt free except mortgage?

          Depending on where you are currently at, the actionable next steps may differ.

          But to answer your question about mindset.. it’s really hard to say that one way works better than others. But, ‘The Psychology of Money’ has a good perspective on things.

          Also maybe having visuals of what you’re ‘opportunity costs’ are costing you in the long run may help? At least for me, being a visual person helps me grasp the importance of making good decisions early on. Hope that helps.

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            Don’t laugh but maybe try reading or watching “The Secret” by Ronda Byrne. For some people, it changes their outlook on everything. There’s a “Daily Teachings” book I like to read before bed to put me in a positive frame of mind.

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              It’s kinda far out for some people but they teachings of Abraham Hicks changed my life. Things are always working out for me! Read Ask and It Is Given for a start.

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                If you mean actual clinical therapy, there are clinical therapy models that help people with all kinds of things that cause similar responses. The content of the problem (money, relationships, work, etc) doesn’t matter as much as the process to get the person to have different behavior/responses. So any licensed clinician who uses models for this could help.

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