Just canceled Amazon Prime. Didn’t realize how expensive it is!!

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      What about you guys?

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        I wouldn’t have it if I didn’t get a deep discount for being on disability and having Medicaid. Its $8 a month but went up from $6 in the last 3 years. I buy so much in the way of food and toiletries on there it was a no brainer. I think they may also do it you have an EBT card.

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          Anybody in their “Amazon Shopper Panel?” I’ve been on it for a while now am I submit 10 receipts for $10/month so it’s worth it for me. I just got an email once asking if I wanted to join.

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            It’s not expensive if you use it! Between the shipping and the Prime channel it is a steal!! Again.

            You gotta use it to really be saving!

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              Worth every damn penny for me, considering how much I buy, and how often I watch their streaming service. I guess it all depends on how you’re using it.

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                If you use Amazon Prime it is a great deal. We cancelled all other streaming services except Prime. Prime has tons of great programming, and TONS of other benefits beyond just streaming.

                I just cashed in on $50+ of FREE media credits for picking slower shipping when I can. LOVE Prime. But if you don’t regularly use it for several of the benefits, then cancelling makes sense of course.

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                  I did too. You still get free shipping over 25.00, you still get Subscribe & Save and you still get to watch FreeVee. I’ve also saved tons by just needing to reach 25.00 min. and not being able to. 😂 It’s crazy how much we buy and really don’t need.

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