Millionaires: Treating yourselves to childhood indulgences?

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      30s Millionaire. Anyone on here buy stuff they couldn’t have when they were a kid once they hit a milestone? As a kid we were never allowed to get food or snacks at the mall.

      I went out yesterday and got Aunty Anns and had Chinese food at the food court.

      I also never got to have a happy meal when I really wanted one. I went out and got a pokemon happy meal.

      We never had stuffed crust pizza or delivery so I am planning on doing that next.

      I also used to drool at alienware computers and gold coins in magazines.

      I’m planning on buying those items next. It feels so good to be able to finally get stuff you always wanted. I used to drool over an infiniti g37 coupe.

      I plan to own a 2 door coupe once I hit 2 million networth. It was like an itch I couldn’t scratch for 20 years.

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        Good for you for healing your inner child! Wishing you happiness and peace!

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          I’d be cautious with chasing a laundry list of unmet “wants” from childhood… otherwise you’ll spend it all chasing old dreams.

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              After all this junk food, I recommend a gym membership next on your list.

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                I do things like that all the time, within reason of course since I’m still working on my finances, but it truly heals your inner child.

                It doesn’t even have to be about buying things you couldn’t have, sometimes it’s in habits (forming or breaking), sayings, activities, etc.

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                  I love when someone comes to share a cool win/bucket list accomplishment from their FIRE journey and a slew of comments of unsolicited advice and projections flood the comments.

                  Considering he made it by his 30s, I’m pretty sure you don’t have to worry about his “sudden” spending.

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                    Is this serious? You waited till you were a millionaire to buy auntie Anne’s. That’s like saying I waited till I saved up my first hundred grand to buy a happy meal because my parents never fed me junk food as a kid.

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                      Please stop telling anonymous that they need therapy or any version of this. Nothing he/shared indicates problematic behavior. The little they shared does not indicate that their behavior is negatively impacting their goals or against their own values.

                      Being a millionaire in your 30s takes dedication and deciding to buy a nice care after you DOUBLE your net worth is not impulsive.

                      I have a feeling this will actually only accelerate this person’s success as they let themself enjoy experiences that felt far away at one point.

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                        I am thankful that I never got the material things, which I always wanted as a child. It really helps not to get emotionally attached to things that do not last.

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                          Honestly, growing up with the attitude “we shouldn’t” is a cockroach to get rid of. I still try to do my laundry during off-peak hours to save a few dollars a month, because that’s just how I always did it.

                          All those small insignificant habits are a safeguard that kept the lights on, because they add up over time. I’m glad we’re in a better place now, but it’s always hard to let yourself loosen up when it’s all you’ve known. Enjoy yourself within reason OP, you’ve earned it.

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                            Dude, one of the things about FIRE is that you get options…, in and of itself, won’t buy anyone happiness. But what it does do is give us options. You go, guy!

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                            Mj Shbzz

                              I get joy out of being able to buy whatever groceries I want. We had a very limited diet besides what we grew. My dad refused to buy more than canned vegetables white rice canned sardines. Eggs until we got chickens were rare. Milk cheese, even avocados or fruit we couldn’t grow.

                              As well as vegetables if we didn’t grow it.

                              So I just like being able to get good food! And lots of books and art supplies

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                                Enjoy your simple “rich” pleasures. For me it’s appetizers when I do go out to eat. We NEVER ate out as a family until I was an adult and I could afford to foot the bill. Now…I add appetizers. Cheers and best to you!

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                                  I’d suggest to invest in therapy to understand what’s driving that constant need of buying what you couldn’t get as a kid, as that most likely be cheaper.

                                  It’s also a good idea to not buy things based solely on impulse. Wait a few days and ask yourself whether you still want X or Y

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                                    Heavens to Betsy a millionaire posts that they bought some cheap junk food and people in the FI community are telling them they need therapy. FYI the people telling the OP they need therapy are the ones that need more therapy.

                                    Good for you Anonymous!!! It’s never a bad thing to treat ourselves when we hit milestones in the journey as long as we know how that reward impacts our bottom line. In this case, there is nothing to worry about as you spent literally pennies compared to your wealth stash.

                                    Another fun topic is it’s ok to spend more money. Building your Rich Life should be about spending more on things that bring you joy, value, and happiness. Most people in the FI/FIRE space don’t see this side of the journey as they are still chasing FI/FIRE.

                                    I retired last year at 38 and find it challenging to spend more after being so frugal for so long.

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