OK, My frugal friends have you priced out dishes lately? How CRAZY expensive!

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      My beautiful daughters said that they’d get them for me for Mother’s Day (I’m super practical). I couldn’t have them spend the hundreds of dollars for new dishes so I decided to wait.

      I ended up at the Dollar Store and found all matching glass dinner/sandwich plates, bowls, and drinking glasses!!

      All for $1.00 each. I got a serving for 12 for $48!!

      They are really good quality and don’t break easily. Pretty psyched about that find!!

      Check your Dollar Store frugal friends, there are great finds there!!

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        I get mine from thrift stores! My favorite set I found was vintage Pyrex pink flamingo milk glass set. I’ve grown my Pyrex collection in general from thrifting. I also like mixing- I don’t need matchy matchy as long as it goes well together like different glassware in jewel tones. It’s also fun to find cool coffee mugs for my coffee bar and holiday dishes.

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          The dollar stores do have some really beautiful ceramic dishes, just be aware that they may test high for lead and cadmium. So can vintage dishes in thrift stores. Highly recommend lead tests.

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            I replaced all of my dishes with Corelle. I bought the set at Walmart, really cheap, and then added pieces from thrift stores and open stock in stores when they were on sale. They are so much lighter and take up less space than other dishes.

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              I got the fiestaware since it’s made in the us and is lead free. All kinds of colors and you can buy some and add some later. I mixed and matched.

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                Recently redid our kitchen in blue and white, found an 8 piece set of Sango in the same colors at our Goodwill store, dinner plates, bread plates, soup bowls and coffee mugs. Spent less than $35 and they are in new condition.

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                  I worked at a thrift store(Savers). I saw beautiful dish sets some vintage, some originally very expensive. I do not need a nice set because I cook only for 1 and rarely have dinner parties, but if I were looking for a new set I would look there or other thrift store. You can find beautiful patterns and made in America, Europe instead of China with poison lead in the glaze and paint.

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                    I did the same thing! I looked forever for new dishes, too expensive and nothing appealing. Walked into the dollar store and found the perfect dishes.. Soo happy!

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                      Just buy a couple sets of the all plain white Corelle dishes when on a sale. They don’t chip and last a very very long time. Plus, you can go to Walmart and buy some separate pieces bit by bit when you want to and that way everything will always match!!! Plus,… whenever I go to a garage sale or moving sale I check to see if they have any plain white Corelle dishes for sale. (always nice to have some extra pieces for extra settings on the holidays for thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday parties.

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                        My lovely pottery dishes became to heavy for my arthritic hands, so I bought a set of Correlle.

                        Thrift stores are a good place to find sets of fine china. It’s no longer in style and I’ve seen sets that used to sell for thousands, selling for less than $100.

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