Should I confront my boss about a colleague’s higher salary, or look for a new job?

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      I have been with the same company for 15 years. We started from the bottom and company grew, we faced many difficulties where I always supported my employer and honestly we really have quite many stories to share.

      I was always loyal to the company and I do understand that it was a mistake but it’s my personality I either do it good and deliver or i don’t do it at all, in my set of mind I always understood their issues and showed compassion without being too demanding. So in my 39 years I got to 171k salary (all including bonus if any).

      I  know every aspect of work and can supervise and cover any position. And my last raise I got with words that it’s very fair and that I am the highest paid employee and blah blah blah.. few days ago I found out that another employee who delivers much less and has only been with a company for 5 years is making 250k after a raise. The person got a raise of 80k which is complete shock to me. She doesn’t do anything outstanding and doesn’t generate sales ( not a sales person position ).

      I am very upset because I don’t understand logic behind it and then why my performance is evaluated so much lower … would you approach your employer about it? Or would you just move on and get better high pay that I totally can?

      I am mentally wasn’t planning to start smth new but I clearly see that I got stuck here and not being told truth as I accept lower than new hires are.

      I liked the place and overall I was ok there counting that all I build works for me and I have a good productive environment with my specific team. However this pay gap is so giant to me and could have been a life changer and I am more upset that I was lied and used ..

      Does it even make sense to have a conversation about it with the boss or just start to look for a higher pay aggressively? I am just too mentally attached to the place after all these years but I clearly understand that business is business and any past loyalty is forgotten.

      Thank you

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        Loyalty has very little meaning in work. It’s all negotiation, leverage and competency.

        If an employee can deliver your work competently, no company wants to lose them because it costs a lot in time and money to get someone new up to speed.

        My suggestion is to look out, talk to a few recruiters and get a general feel of the job market in your field. You’ll know the kind of salary you can command and the demand right now.

        With that knowledge you can approach your boss and have that conversation about a salary hike without mentioning the other employee as that would be very unprofessional.

        If they refuse, you can step up your job search to leave for a competitor.

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          Are you in similar job roles? If this person is in sales and you’re not, then it’s not really relevant. I think IT people and HR people are overpaid and produce low quality work at my job, but I wouldn’t compare my salary to them.

          Only to people who do the same thing as me.

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            I am sorry you are going through this. When I read your post, a few things go through my mind. First is you need to relax and calculate your next more carefully. Are you comparing apple to apples when it comes to your position and their position? Meaning do you have a paper trail that you can prove everything you are claiming.

            Second is what type of position financially are you in. Are you able to weather the storm that may follow proactive action to advocate for yourself if things go sideways. You may want to line something up so if you are let go or decide to leave that you have a cushion to fall on.

            Last if you do truly believe that business is business then you should formulate a plan that treats this as a business transaction. Start lining your ducks up and before taking any action work this scenario through each scenario. First is doing nothing and going to work like normal all the way to filing a lawsuit if you have the documentation to do so.

            Once you have worked all of the angles then you can make a calm and informed decision that is all business.

            Good luck!!!

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