Should we move to Boise, ID for a $100k job with better weather and a small-town feel?

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      Hello! I just got a job offer in Boise Idaho. We live in Phoenix metro now and curious if anyone is from Idaho here? The job is a promotion, about 100k a year. I really am scared to uproot my family but we have been talking about a quality of life change so much lately. My kids are under 3, and I really don’t enjoy the idea of raising them in this City. I want more of a small city feel, with better weather.

      We are very outdoorsy and the summers just kill all of us. My husband would likely go part time and my job is full time. Right now I’m part time so we would be flip flopping! (I truly love working, it’s weird I know) thanks Boise people!

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        I go to Boise quarterly for meetings. There’s a bunch to do for outdoorsy people. it’s growing too. Prices for homes in Boise proper are increasing. A number of folks are choosing to opt for Meridian, Eagle or Nampa.

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          I live in Boise and love it!

          I’ve lived here my whole life. If you were into the outdoors, this is the place for you. We have a Greenbelt that runs for 30 miles next to the beautiful river in the city, skiing within 25 minutes of downtown, world class whitewater rafting 30 min away, hiking/biking trails for miles, and lots of wineries, breweries and lots of fun things to do. Boise has been discovered by many many people, so housing is a bit expensive.

          But I can give you tips on what part of the city to look for. If you have any other specific questions, I’d be happy to help out.

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            These are the perfect ages to make a change. When children get older, middle/high school, it’s much harder on them to adjust socially. Make the move, pile up the cash/FI invest, and if you hate it, move in a few years.

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              Idaho is a great state and so much outdoor activities. It’s in the plains but mountains are still close. Go for it!!!

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                Growth is def on the west side of the valley as is traffic commuting from Nampa and Meridian to Boise for work. It’s a great city for access to recreation!

                Boise proper has some great neighborhoods on the bench, north end, and garden city.

                Lots of new construction but prices have yet to ease. Meridian is full of families with younger children and housing is decently affordable.

                Just depends on what you’re looking for and coming from.

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                  We moved here to Boise about 4 years ago from Texas and it was def a change. Change is good sometimes and we love it here. It was hard for my oldest who was 6th grade but kids adjust well.

                  We could def answer any questions about the area you have. We have a couple homes here, and some in Texas and Utah as well.

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                    Agree with everything that has been said so far! Summers can get hot but otherwise weather is pretty mild in other seasons. Idaho is a GREAT spot for people who love the outdoors – lots of bike riders, paddleboarders, hikers around here.

                    I live in Caldwell and commute to Boise (not the most fun) but people commute to Boise from all over the valley (You could look at Star or Kuna or Emmett, etc) House prices are rising, I feel like most options would run $375k-$500k depending on how many rooms you need.

                    Development is happening literally everywhere.

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                      I grew up in Boise and my husband grew up in Phoenix. I know this isn’t the case for all people who grow up in AZ, but our upbringings were VERY different (in terms of schools, violence, friends). We always said we’d never want to raise our kids in Phx, but have plenty of friends that do.

                      I loved growing up in Boise, it was a wonderful and safe place to live with lots of outdoor recreation.

                      There are a lot of Mormons, just something to be aware of. They are wonderful people, we just were not Mormon, so it can feel excluding for kids sometimes while growing up.

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                        I have lived in Idaho my whole life. Boise is a nice city, but the outlying areas are better in my opinion. I love Meridian, and so does everyone else, so it is growing so fast. There are still a lot of great small towns around here. So much outdoor stuff to do! You can enjoy boating, camping, hiking, biking, skiing, fishing, and pretty much anything else you want to do outside.

                        We have a fun water park that I definitely recommend taking the kids to. Season passes are pretty reasonable.

                        This area has tons of public parks that are nice, clean, and of course free. The schools are ok.

                        I would look into the schools of choice as I have found they are usually better.

                        Overall, I think you picked a great area to move to!

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                          I live in Boise and absolutely love it. I moved here about 3 years ago from Denver and Boise has just as much if not more outdoor activities than Denver, which was my biggest draw. I trail run, mountain bike, camp, paddle board, ski/snowboard and I can do that all right in Boise.

                          I made about $115k last year so about par with what you are making (though I don’t have kids) and I’m very happy. Median house price is slightly lower than in Phoenix, my boyfriend were considering moving there last year for family/job but ultimately decided not to.

                          The summers are hot but of course nothing like Phoenix — and the winters aren’t as bad as I would have thought.

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                            I live in Meridian, ID and we love it here. Great place to raise family, lots of outdoor activities, and the mountains are relatively close. If you do come here, look me up and we can get together, if you want.

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