We were just gifted a Sam’s club membership are there any hidden gems to find?

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      We already have a Costco account so I am not sure what Sam’s does better.


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        Their toilet paper and paper towels are way better than Costco in my opinion.

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          Their chicken is good. Got frozen chicken sandwiches that are big and thick like chick Fil a, and got their bulk chicken tenders that taste so freaking good! It was my first time buying from there and I’m shocked at how much better their food is than their sister store Walmart.

          You can check also: Does anyone know of any specials like for a year membership for Costco or Sam’s again?

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            I believe Sam’s has a way better snack selection. Can’t go wrong with snacks!

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              I use my Sam’s membership for gas 😊 In our city, they’re almost always the cheapest

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                Sams has better snacks and the option to buy smaller packages of meat. Costco has more organic options. So depends on if that’s a big deal to you. I don’t like that you cannot order from the Cafe when you are checking out at Sam’s. You have to order at the cafe counter. That’s the only big major stinker about Sam’s.

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                  The food court area has been choices for hot food than costco imo. Also, like costco, they have awesome clothing/toys/seasonal clearance all the time.

                  You can check also: Does COSTCO gives discounts to retired people?

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                    I love the Sam’s baby wipes and paper towels. They are both very similar. $5 rotisserie chicken is amazing!

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                      I carried both Sam’s AND Costco membership for a year in order to decide. They’re directly across from one another. I chose Sam’s purely for their scan and go, parking, layout and national brands. My Costco had great selections of their brands, but not so much national. Plus, our Costco had really snotty workers, between that and parking and layout, I was kind of homicidal.

                      GET THE SCAN AND GO AP! It’s worth the membership price alone. I have premium so free shipping on most items is helpful.

                      Otherwise, it’s pretty much exactly the same as Costco.

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                        Tp, paper towels, trash bags, Tide, cascade, peanut butter, Folgers, Celsius drinks, dawn power wash, Dove shampoo/conditioner when it’s on sale, razors, bar soap, so many things!!! Lunch box food for kiddos, sandwich meat, cheese. We get so much at Sam’s. I have to plus membership so all the dry goods get sent to the house. I go to the store about every 2 months and stock up the freezer. I wait for sales on their toiletries and can get giant bottles of shampoo and conditioner for like $7. I get enough to last about 6-9 months at a time till the next big sale. It really helps if you price compare. I compared our regular Sam’s items that we need monthly to Costco brand and in my area, Sam’s won on price.

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