What are good investment options for a 16-year-old with $4k? Any recommended books for early retirement?

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      My teen stepson is really interested in learning about investing. He has some money saved and wants to make smart moves. He’s 16 and is looking at VOO. I am not knowledgeable about investing at all and was wondering if there were some recommendations of things he should be looking at to invest in?

      Overall he has 4k to start with which I know isn’t a huge amount but he’s saved it all on his own and wants to make it work for him.

      Also are there any books he could read? He is definitely starting life with the goal of retiring early.

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        If it’s from earned income, open a Roth IRA and invest into that as he could withdraw penalty free in 5 years to help pay off something he may need or a start of a down payment or just leave it to grow until he retires.

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          VOO for many is a favorite ETF.

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            Get him a library card so he can check out any and all books about personal finance.

            In high school, I read rich dad poor dad, millionaire next door, random walk down wall street, real estate investing, etc…

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              Regarding a book, The Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins. I like starting with VOO and learning more and more.

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                VOO is great for a teenager.

                Put it in, add a little to it each month, AND LEAVE IT ALONE. Don’t be tempted to sell any or move it.

                He can open a retirement account when he gets a job, but it’s extremely important to have investments that you don’t have to wait until you are older to access as well.

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                  Voo, VT, VTI are all good ETF to start with. And they are good ones to invest and forget.

                  I am all in for lazy investment.

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                    The money guys are a great podcast or YouTube to listen to! They are releasing a book in yhr next month or so, I expect it to be great.

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                      I would recommend the book, the Armchair Millionaire. It discusses the basics of paying yourself first, automatic investing and the magic of compound interest.

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                        VOO & SMH are two set and forget ETFs that he can DCA into forever. Just make sure he turns on DRIP. If they’re held in a Roth IRA, they would compound tax free, but he would have to wait until 59 1/2 to withdraw penalty free.

                        Rich Dad Poor Dad, The intelligent investor, The richest Man in Babylon and The Creature From Jekyll Island are all good books. At 16 $4K is a good amount of money, and will compound at an amazing rate over the next couple of decades. Please tell him to always invest first. Pick a dollar amount and invest every time you get paid, and throw extra in there when you can.

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                          Voo is a great choice. Read the simple path to wealth or just watch an interview with JL Collins on YouTube. The best methods of investing are actually quite simple

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