What are your 3 favorite life hacks for saving money?

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      Or: 3 recent wins that you’ve had with saving money?

      Looking to the great minds here for some fresh and creative ideas! We are trying to get our savings rate back up to over 25-40% after 3 PCS moves in 4 years (overseas and back and then to FL). I just switched to USMC reserve and am now full time remote for a company. Hubby still active duty. Bonus points if your hacks are Florida specific!

      I’d say recent wins for us are:

      1. Switching to a way cheaper and better cell provider! Kicking myself I didn’t do this years ago
      2. Joining our local Buy Nothing page
      3. Signing up for Walmart plus with Amex (it’s covered with Amex) and then doing free Walmart grocery pickup/delivery
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        We’ve been focusing on being more sustainable and here are a few things that have saved us some money & are better for the environment:

        1. Unpaper towels – reusable and washable towels that have replaced paper towels in our house, i still buy a 2 pack of paper towels every 6 months or less for cleaning up things that I wouldn’t want to wash out of a towel but it’s rare I pull them out. My husband even uses them as a tissue some days. I bought a 24 pack for a family of 4 and haven’t even made it through the whole role without washing and replacing them back on the roll. My fav purchase of the 2024!!
        2. Saving glass jars and using reusable ziplock bags for food storage instead of plastic bags
        3. Wool dryer balls have replaced our dryer sheets
        4. We got a bidet attachment for our toilet, not installed yet but i am assuming it will be saving us lots of money on TP.
        5. Makeup eraser wash cloths that are washable and reusable
        6. Bar soap for hands, body, and shampoo, seems to last longer than the bottled stuff and is much cheaper

        Also just want to echo that our Buy Nothing group has been the biggest blessing, we’ve received so many useful things in great shape!! And I prefer giving to our local community rather than donating to thrift stores.

        Also, check out: What are some out-of-the-box ideas for saving money?

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          I’m curious which AMEX card covers Walmart Plus. I have AMEX Gold, and I’m not aware of that benefit.

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            Switching to Mint has been a huge $$ saver.
            Using a HYSA instead of brick and mortar bank
            Using Sams club for things we need, even with the annual fee, it’s so worth it for us

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              Trimming down streaming services, shopping at Aldi or getting Walmart delivery for groceries. Making meals at home and very little eating out has saved a lot of money. Taking the kids to the dollar tree to pick out 1-2 things vs taking them to target.

              Also, my husband works remote now, so we spend very little on gas.

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                Florida tip:
                – There’s no income tax so earn a lot while living there.
                – The state makes their money from property tax and sales tax so live small and shop less.

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                  Home swapping on vacation. We just got back from a week in London, and it would have been wicked expensive to pay for lodging with 2 kids. Plus, the family we swapped with was super sweet and gifted us their tickets to see Chelsea-Crystal Palace.

                  Other swaps have been to Vienna, Munich, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Lyon, and upcoming swaps to Madrid, Cuenca, Berlin and Virginia Beach. I think it’s added up to more than 80 nights of lodging so far, so the savings math I easy….we could you travel nearly as much without this hack.

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                    I just changed our home and auto insurance and trimmed about 1k a year. Went from Usaa to eirie. Wish I had done it years ago! Our coverage is better now too

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