What are some out-of-the-box ideas for saving money?

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      I have a goal to save as much as I can over the next two months in preparation for a move. I’ve already started doing the basic money saving things – eating out of the pantry/fridge, cancelling subscriptions, cash back apps, etc. I also donate plasma for a bit more $.

      What are some out-of-the-box ideas for saving money?

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        Think of it as downsizing before you go. Trim back your phone bill cut landline if that’s and can. Completely cut all cable service. Check your household cleaning supplies and try to use up – esp that weird stuff we all have hanging around – so you don’t have to move it.

        Rethink your soap products and. Cross use.

        If you are clearing clothes consider cutting some for rags so you don’t have to buy pptowels, sponges etc

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          I was shocked how much money I was able to save during covid when everything was closed. I couldn’t spend money if I wanted.

          I was able to save about 6 grand in 18 months from not going out to eat and bringing my breakfast and lunch to work everyday.

          Useful: I bought a summer house and decided to insulate/board it myself to save money

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            Sounds weird, but check if your local food pantry gives stuff to you even if you’re not part of a program; our local one has a section up front for excess perishables (bread — all kinds, produce, sometimes frozen stuff) that anyone can take. Really saves a lot…

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              No paper towel use. Use towels.

              Leftover usage next day so it doesn’t get lost in bk of fridge.

              Do laundry/showers later at night t ok as void hi usage electricity rates. Unplug all unnecessary appliances- including cell phone chargers. Charge cell phone in car or at work if allowed. Use grill to Mont add heat to house n thus increase electricity used for ac.

              Close drapes during day. Use ceiling fans on summer/ winter settings as appropriate.

              Use carcass to make homemade soup. Saving ends of veggies and those too dehydrated to flavor stock.

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                Breakfast oatmeal lunch b&j sandwiches supper beans and rice drink water from tap . Late night snack plan popcorn and lemonade mix dry mix into water.

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                  I save a lot of money by not buying any disposable paper products.

                  I initially started using cloth alternatives because it’s better for the environment, but discovered that by using cloth rags instead of paper towels, cloth wipes instead of toilet paper, cloth menstrual pads instead of disposable pads, etc., I save a ton of money.

                  Explore these too: What is something you do to save money that your family/friends find extreme?

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                    Sounds like you are on your way! Here are a few other ideas:
                    (1) Weekly meal planning based on nutritious but common, less expensive ingredients and foods (like bananas).
                    (2) If you currently eat meat, increasing your meatless days unless you have special diet needs.
                    (3) If you drive, route/errand planning to combine trips —> reduce overall gas costs.
                    (4) Use of your local Buy Nothing Facebook group for a wide variety of needs. If you start out by offering things that are of value but don’t make sense to spend time selling (e.g. good books you’ve read, pieces of furniture that are a bit off trend), you may very well find that the group will notice and respond to you for asks on a wide variety of things (e.g. extra packing supplies, tools/supplies you may need to borrow to touch up your current space before you vacate, etc).
                    (5) If you haven’t done this already — Doing a bottom up rather than top down budget. What must you spend money on and how cheaply but responsibly can you do it versus where can you cut back? Sometimes that shift opens up a bit more room than you thought.

                    Hope this helps!

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                      * Get used boxes for packing. I asked on a community FB page and got lots of great boxes.
                      * Use it up campaign for toiletries and cleaning supplies. Less to pack and you don’t spend money buying more things to pack.
                      * sell items you don’t need. Less to pack and more cash in your pocket.

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                        My daughter had $1 bandanas from camp that she didn’t want after growing up/out on own now – I take 2 for lunch – 1 as a napkin & one like a placemat to catch crumps and or wrap around glass bowl if I have left over to warm up- keeps any splatters out of work microwave and something to handle hot dish with … also fun summer cloth napkins.

                        Carry the large men’s white hanky’s (about $1 each if u watch for mark downs) instead of tissues and the bonus is that if it’s forgotten in a pocket I don’t have a shredded tissue all thru laundry – clean one can also be used to wipe of eye glasses – & if you have young kids all sorts of uses from a quick baby bib if out, dab off a scraped knee with a little added water, little wash cloth or wipe for infant spit up/drool – all cotton and bleach clean.

                        Don’t pay to move stuff you don’t want – purge now! Old shower curtains work as drop cloth for painting or covering for protecting furniture or trunk of car with plants etc in a move … don’t forget one for new place if it’s not kind with shower doors – use laundry basket and /or suitcase to pack bedding for each person/ shower- towel and a few days of clothing – take in vehicle – we used a trash can cleaned out and rinsed well for moving fish and they survived … if it fits in vehicle and is all cleaned have trash bags & cleaning supplies – dustpan- small handheld broom inside it – depending on what you do for moving company – they won’t pack /take paints and such soo leave labeled for new occupants at your place or sell a small grouping as a lot – along with other materials movers don’t take – plants are awkward if you have a ton- snip pieces to re root and start again /sell or share with friends neighbors – perhaps you have room for a cooler of foods – prioritize – like creamer for coffee – have sugar and coffee along with machine and mugs packed with u… freeze up some water in empty milk cartons for ice in cooler – for the last bits, carrot sticks, hard boiled eggs etc – or perhaps you even make up a meal that is kept frozen and can be warmed up at new place to save $ from going out

                        – all depends on distance and vehicle space. Bring TP- soap hand towels – oven mit- trivet etc if you plan on cooking asap …

                        Don’t forget to take a look at: Do you save change? Do you save paper money?

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                          Since it’s just me l stretch my food dollar by making sloppy Jo’s and casseroles. Tonight l cooked 2 small steaks (slightly anemic) and packaged one for tomorrow. I make lemonade at home. Instead of ordering out l make my own pizza. Hang clothes to dry.

                          Really picky about electricity as well. Today l went on Amazon and got the bulk of my Christmas presents for my whole family for around 130.00. I always buy everyone socks.

                          I always add cash but no really big gifts. None of us can afford it anymore.

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                            Inventory everything you have in your cabinets fridge and freezer! Use what you have and be creative when cooking over the next few months. Also while going through stuff, decide if you want to take with you and what is just hanging around you can sell. Search this group there have been numerous posts asking about meal ideas to cheap meals. Cook large amounts – then you have enough to eat a few days.

                            We have local food drive through programs where you can get random things that have been donated / here it’s not income based and is called Harvesters. Look into commodities. I don’t think it’s income based either, but not certain. You could even look into your local food pantry. I’m not sure of the process, but it’s worth looking into. I’ve driven a few families there and they have picked up frozen meat, can goods, box items ect, everything you’ll need for meals.

                            You didn’t ask, but here are a few things that may help with your move.

                            Local FB groups are a great place to get boxes from other families that have moved into the area. I also posted on a fb group that I was looking for used packing materials and boxes and I got tons of replies. You can also get boxes and paper to wrap everything used at recycling centers. Or directly from the newspaper company. Ours throws away big bundles that are extra, they are free are and in a dumpster.

                            I’ve been packing stuff up and found our grocery store has great stackable boxes. If you know anyone with a Sam’s card that’s the best place I’ve found to get heavy duty packing tape. I get 8 rolls and think it’s around $25. Buy a big marker – I found them at target for $3ish. Just packing advice – buy a couple of those markers and write on 2 sides of the box. Create your own code. Bedroom – BR Master (Mst) bed room – #1, #2 or kids names. Laundry rm, bathrooms, Kitchen – identify glass (bakeware?), Pots and pans,

                            I mark Heavy boxes with H – I do capital H and circle it in same corner. Use small boxes for books, you’ll appreciate that later. “Glass” items. So people moving them are prepared. Also I write TOP STACK big on 4 sides of the box for boxes with items I don’t want damaged.

                            If you write in the top of the box, you can’t find a box when looking for very easily.

                            Schools starting soon, find local places where you can get school supplies. Use extra bedding, towels ect to wrap up glass items.

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                              Save your fuel points for when it comes to moving day like Kroger rewards.

                              Make to go food when it comes to that day.

                              So you don’t stop to eat out.

                              Eat all food in house so you don’t throw it away or waste it.

                              Don’t forget to take a look at: I just came here to say I saved money this week by not going on Amazon for their sales!

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                              Kj Mushovic

                                If you have a dog you walk or take to a dog park every day, you could consider taking one other along (for a small fee).

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