Do you save change? Do you save paper money?

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      I do and have for years. Every bit of change I get goes into an old crock and when I get enough of it, I take it to the free coin counting machine at the credit union and put it in my savings account. I also pick up change when I see it on the ground.

      I also save almost every bit of paper money I get (I rarely pay cash for anything, I put everything on my credit card) and that goes towards my Christmas fund.

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        I save loose change also. My son and DIL leave change laying around or in their pockets when I do laundry. Lol…. it’s a finders fee ๐Ÿ˜…. I just save it and use it when I want to do something for myself. Like a haircut or manicure and pedicure.

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          I try to use my credit card wisely and I pay it on time to avoid interest charges. That way, I know where my money goes. If it is cash, I have a hard time figuring out where I spent it. Plus for credit card, we get a small cashback. As long as we are responsible.

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            I live in BFE and they charge 3% of every sale on your credit cards for processing fees. I pay with cash or check at these stores or just don’t use them.

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              The only ones I save are $2 bills, and the $1 coins. The rest stays in my wallet. I do save $20 and higher in a safe in our house for “what if’s and emergencies”. Though we have two different savings accounts, I am not big on putting a ton of money into them.

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                I use multiple credit cards and get tons of cash back. I pay off my balance every months so no interest or fees. I got around $300 back this year from Costco cashback. I use Amazon prime card to buy on Amazon and whole foods and get cashback points to apply to purchases.

                I also use miles.

                I just flew to DC from Vegas and back and only paid $11 in fees as I used Frontier points. Also used my AA points to get free night in hotel at Grand Canyon.

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