What can I do to repurpose a torn bottom bed sheet that isn’t cleaning rags?

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      It feels like a shame to just throw it out since a lot of the material is still usable, but I don’t have any good ideas. I don’t have a sewing machine, but I can hand sew a little.

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        I use them as paint tarps, or to throw over tender plants during a frost.

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          Drawstring bags, napkins, or a curtain for a small window, cut to size of of picture frame & place a smaller size into it. A seat cover in a car for after activities ex: swimming, b-ball etc., wrapping a gift box, line the bottom of drawers using spray adhesive. That’s all I can think of.

          Hope it helps.

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            Donate to animal shelter?

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              Crochet a basket! I saw this idea and I’m going to try. It’s simple like making a rag rug. You could actually do it like making a braided rug.

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                Tear in strips and make a braided rug.

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                  I re-purpose my torn cotton sheets into handkerchiefs. I keep two buckets of them in my house (clean & used.) I pre-wash them before tossing into my laundry.

                  I have bad allergies, and these are my tissue substitutes.

                  My collection of my grandmother’s handkerchiefs gave me the idea to do this.

                  Read on: Has anyone tried and had success with laundry eco sheets instead of detergent?

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                    Stash it in car for an emergency seat cover.

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                      You can use it on the box spring kind of like a dust ruffle. Depending on how ripped it is or if there’s any soil you can use it when you go to the Beach or to the park.

                      Use it as a picnic table cover again depending on the size of the rip.

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                        I use mine to cover my back car seats when moving things. The elastic keeps it up over the back of the seat.

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                          My aunt uses old sheets to make pajama bottoms.

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                            Use it for animals, moving furniture or cover plants in the winter. Keep it in the car.

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                              Quilt squares.

                              I’ve heard of cusing the material to make clothing for kiddos. Shurts shorts skirts. Braided rugs, pillows or pillow cases. Especially if it part of a set

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                                I’ve used a torn sheet that was still mostly intact to make pockets for inside a jacket.

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                                  I find old sheeting is too thin for my paint messes. I make the top sheet longer with a piece of old sheeting. You tuck it in and have glorious top sheet turn down.

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                                    I’ve seen to use them as beach blankets, seating something in each corner to hold up the sides. Also to cover a picnic table while traveling.

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                                      It could be used as a tablecloth. Just cut off the elastic edges and hand sew the hem. It could be cut to make a few new pillow cases. It could be cut to make laundry bags. Could cover pillows. Is it white?

                                      It could be a ghost costume for Halloween.

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                                        Cut it into squares and use it to make a quilt in the future. If the material is still strong enough. If not, then use it for rags.

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                                          My mother used iron on repair patches for sheets. They come in different colors and you Iron them on the backside of the sheet. I use old sheets to cover plants that need protection from a hard freeze.

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                                            My grandmother patched hers that got really thin with fabric similar to sheeting. My mom would cut in strips to use for patches and double them and use for wash clothes. Before the days of sanitary pads they used them for that purpose.

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                                              Curtains, pillows, pillow cases, use over plants in the winter, cover the back of a quilt, use as a throw on the gound for parades, picnics, a painting tarp. Cover the seats in a car to keep crumbs at bay,

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                                                Pillowcases, hankies, drawer liners, ironing cloths / board cover, strips for tying up plants, oven mitts / potholders, placemats / napkins

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                                                  If they are soft enough, you can cut up into squares and use as handkerchiefs. My nose tends to just drip a little when I exercise, so it’s nice not to use up a bunch of tissues.

                                                  Plus, I don’t seem to drop or lose them as easily.

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                                                    I use to throw over dirt bikes and mini bikes when they’re not being ridden. Keeps all the dust off them. Also over gym equipment for same reason.

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                                                      I use gotten sheets to cover my box spring so if you can sew it, or patch it you could do that.

                                                      Otherwise, I cut off all the elastic and use that to tie up branches in the garden. I then use the fabric for paint drop cloth etc. Anything you need a big piece of cloth for.

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                                                        I use my top sheets over top of my blankets in the winter. Helps to keep the heat in! I have been doing it for years and really helps keep you warm.

                                                        I keep the heat in my home chilly at night. Other times I will use the top sheet to make covers over things I store in my basement. (shower chair, walker from knee replacement but too good to toss, baby items while waiting for the next grand baby!) fabric is usually good! Too good to toss!

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