What gifts are considered ideal for daycare or preschool teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week?

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      Hey parents, it’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and we all know those daycare and preschool teachers deserve a big shoutout for taking care of our little munchkins. But what do you get for the people who basically raise our kids while we’re busy adulting?

      Let’s ditch the boring apples and mugs and brainstorm some gifts that will make these superheroes feel truly appreciated. Remember, they’re shaping our kids’ minds and hearts, so let’s make their week extra special!

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        Something that shows you know something about her. I absolutely love frogs and have received a few frog themed gifts and I love them.

        I also love Amazon and Starbucks gift cards. Or if anyone were to ask, I would happily provide a link to my Amazon wishlist I created specifically for my classroom.

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          I enjoy when a parent ask us if they can bring us lunch and hands us a menu to choose what we want. Or something to eat besides chocolate like baked banana bread.

          Amazon or Target are great too.

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            Gift cards, pasty/donuts for the center. One year we got coffee, juice and donuts by one parent for all the teachers to enjoy. I love basically anything, even self-made or custom gifts are cute.

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              Something the child had a hand in making. They get excited when they hand it to their teachers because they helped.

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                Gift cards, something homemade that doesn’t take up much room like a card with a nice note. Something that gets used so doesn’t need keeping long term.

                I actually really like nice hand soap and socks.

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                  Love gift cards, snacks and candy. Avoid cups (we get a million). I like things that are consumables (post it’s, pens/markers, food, etc) so it’s not just more “stuff” laying around

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                    Here to reiterate gift cards especially to restaurants you know the teacher likes! Also, a thoughtful note from your student.

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                      Retired teacher here…. gift cards! Amazon, dollar tree, Walmart, etc. Much appreciated!

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                        Best gift I received one year was when all of the parents pitched in for a cash gift! I always love when a parent takes the time to write a personal thank you note.

                        It really helps me keep going in a tough job.

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                          Gift cards from Starbucks, dd, Target, Amazon and Walmart. I like homemade pictures and cards. And basically, a thank you, a small jester as a picture.

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                            Gift cards, office supplies, see if they have a classroom supply list, find out their favorite candy. A lot of my students give me soap kind of apologetically and I actually love it.

                            My whole family loves when I get bouquets.

                            Can’t go wrong with socks or a nice water bottle either.

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                              I know gift cards can seem less personal, but it really what many teachers like including myself! The cute “best teacher” gifts are fun and cute, but there’s only so much you can do with them and so much room for decor.

                              I have my kids do a handwritten note to go with the gift card for their teachers. I may also get a favorite candy or snack.

                              Check Google for fun teacher appreciation sayings. Last year we got cute ice cream cups and had a saying about being sweet and gave them each a gift card to our local ice cream shop.

                              To add to that I love gift cards or certificates to local shops! That’s kind of a double gift bc you are supporting your local town and giving to your teachers.

                              A local shop, ice cream place, restaraunt!

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                                I would take a 4×6 index card and write from the desk of (at the top) and the teachers name at the bottom. (child as they get older can write either) Then I had my kids draw flowers or something simple either at the top of the index card or the bottom. I would bring it to a fed ex store- they would print it (double on a regular sheet of paper- about 20 sheets)cut it in half and glue it so it’s 2 pads for the teacher. $10 I gave all their teachers the same gift up to 6th grade. Every teacher loved it!!

                                I tied a bow around it and put it in a box!!

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                                  For me, if parents want to spend money I ask them to purchase something for the classroom (I provide my amazon wish list to them) because all the purchases for my classroom come from my pocket.

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                                    I am a middle school teacher and agree with no mugs! I think gift cards are great but I also appreciate snacks and stuff. Really anything that says that someone thought of me is really special. I am sure they will appreciate anything!

                                    Side note: for my boy’s preschool teachers we do a gift a day with a sweet little tag and each day the gifts get bigger. So this year we are doing:

                                    Monday: Kit Kats (teachers deserve a break)

                                    Tuesday: sour patch kids (my kids are sometimes sour and sometimes sweet)

                                    Wednesday: cookies (you made me a smart cookie)

                                    Thursday: chips, queso, salsa in a cute basket (for nacho average teacher)

                                    Friday: a summer tote bag full of goodies and a gift card (you are a tote-ally awesome teacher)

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                                      I’d say avoid cups and mugs. Although I appreciate each and every gift I’ve been given, and some are extra special if they are personalized or say something meaningful on them, I’ve definitely been needing to purge my drinkware.

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                                        Daycare teacher here.. Favorite gifts to receive: gift cards to somewhere or something I need but made look cute like a glitter pen with my name. An idea is to go on Etsy or TikTok and find a small business to get a personalized glitter covered stationery product like pen, or stapler or scissors

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                                          On this note, is it common/ good manners to give teachers a gift during Teacher Appreciation Week, or at the end of the school year/last week of school? Both? What’s average to gift for a gift card (how much)?

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                                            Gift cards are great! But definitely try to find out their likes before getting Starbucks gift cards. I have so many of them and only go to Starbucks maybe once or twice a year! Target, Amazon, and Walmart are my favorites because you can get anything. I also enjoy nail salon gift cards. Does the center provide a favorite things sheet? They have us fill one out every year and it’s super helpful!

                                            I would stay away from drink ware (most of us have too much already), candles (not everyone has the same taste), lotions (sensitive skin), bath items, etc. I once got warming slippers that got donated because I’m too hot to wear regular slippers let alone ones you heat in the microwave!

                                            Personally, my favorite gifts have always been handwritten cards from the parents. I still remember one a parent gave me 2 years ago because it was so sweet, and it brought up a great memory. That’s a good option if you think a gift card is too impersonal. Enclose it with a note and bam! Easy yet still personal gift.

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                                              Honestly your kids’ teachers will love just the thought. Even when I got something I couldn’t eat or drink (I have celiac) it was the thought that counted. And made me feel good thinking they got me it and went out of their way.

                                              Don’ts-I got wine a few times and I don’t drink so I gave it to a coworker. Coffee not everyone like coffee.

                                              Did-Amazon gift cards, target gift cards, homemade cute stuff, candles, Christmas my favorite was ornaments.

                                              Again, they will appreciate whatever you get for them.

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                                                I’m a preschool Director and I give my teachers a questionnaire to fill out of their favorite things. I post it on the front door and parents can snap a photo of it (if they want to give something). Out of 100 kiddos we might have 8-10 families that bring something in. Even a drink and favorite snack is nice. Some go all out and give gift cards or cash. Anything is nice – we don’t expect ANYTHING though.

                                                I’m giving them a gift bag with a personalized tumbler, teacher t-shirt, teacher earrings, a teacher keychain and their favorite snacks.

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                                                  Amazon gift cards are the best because us teacher have to spend our money on things for our class rooms. I also like gift cards to a restaurant to have a wind down time with my hubby. Sometime on a daycare salary we just don’t have the funds for a nice dinner out.

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