Who has decent deals on term life insurance?

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      Thanks in advance for every contribution, help or suggestion.

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        Find an agent who will teach you about all of the options and the products.

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          I went through select quote a few years ago. Honestly it made the process simple. I spoke to one person instead of 12. Avoided the incessant robo calls. I’m in my 30s and have 4 kids so got a big plan for about $70/ month.

          I also have a cardiac history.

          I’m assuming that costs me at least an extra $20 every month.

          Also, check out: Do you think paying for whole life insurance is a good idea?

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            Policygenius or LLIS.

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              The group has lots of rules about referrals and self promotion. I’m sure there are great agents here, but their responses will get flagged if they are too direct.

              An independent agent or broker in your state would be able to get quotes for you if you aren’t interested in doing that legwork.

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                If you’re interested in a good term life suitable for your FI goals, I can help you run a quote from over 80 vendors.

                It will save you all the robo calls and your info being sold through a lot of lead vendors.

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                  Select quote is an independent agent who can shop around different companies for you..

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