Why do they always talk about getting a cheap car?

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      .. I feel like It’s easy to get a beater that works right now I’m taking the bus and it’s not a real problem but I don’t want to anymore

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        Many people live in areas without public transportation.

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          It all depends on your connections and interests. As a “car guy”, I know I would be able to find a sub-$1,000 car today by making calls to a few friends, and drive it reliably. If this is the first time you’ve ever thought about finding a cheap car, you probably have no idea where to look or even what to look at if you find one. I’m the father of 11 kids and I’ve helped them all find their first hooptie. I’ve paid as little as $200 for a perfectly operational car.

          Believe me, a thorough knowledge of vehicles is a huge money saver.

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            It’s not about getting a cheap car it’s about buying one in cash can be any price you want.

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              I live in a rural community…no buses here. Or any form of public transportation. We don’t even have Uber or Lyft!

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                It’s always great, Dave often talks about average car payment around 500$ per month. Invest that over your life time and you can drive whatever you want, because you’ll be a multimillionaire!

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                  I could walk 2.5 miles to the only bus stop around, but it wouldn’t take me where I need to go, so I’ll stick with my cheap car, or my other cheap car, or my other cheap car, or my cheap truck.

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                    Ive owned horrible beaters and they’re not worth it IMO. The time and anxiety of a breakdown and the compound expenses and time in shop for repairs is worse than just driving something decent. I’ve found great succes with certified pre-owned with less than 50k miles on it and now in BS4 we do own new cars but will be doing either certified pre owned or new in the future too.

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