Who has the cheapest checks?

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      I found a company where 1 box, discount code, and shipping was 11.99 Now I can’t find them.

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        Go to your bank and ask them to print you some. All my banks have done it for no charge.

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          I order mine through Walmart.

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            Walmart and Sam’s.

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              If possible, try converting to online payments and using Venmo and zelle instead. I haven’t used a check in years.

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                Some banks offer them for free. For example Ally (if you’re USA based) or Simplii Financial (if you’re Canada based).

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                  I haven’t used paper checks in a very long time-I do keep one in my wallet, just in case. But, my credit union let’s me do online paying bills for free.

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                    I use my bank, the only check I write anymore is the mortgage payment. They charge nothing for a book of 25.

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                      Walmart has a section where you can order checks from them and they seem to be the absolute cheapest. That’s where my friend gets her and that’s where I’m going next time.

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