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      Hubby and I had our 1st budget meeting in a very long time the other day and we are kinda excited about restarting the plan. We have not been following it for a bit and it definitely shows in our bank account. We are starting again on babystep 0, getting caught up and paying everything on time.

      We have “planned” out the next couple of months and will have our $1000 EF in place by the end of April, maybe sooner depending on if I get OT or not.

      Our biggest issue has been constantly “helping” our adult kids out financially to the point they have started expecting it.

      We have had the discussion with them that we can no longer do that and they need to plan accordingly.

      Tomorrow is our payday and I am excited to get started!

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        Congratulations on restarting your debt free journey!! Get the kids involved in your budget meetings so they can see how it is done! The budget is the backbone and teaches how to get control of your money. You got this.

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          Yes! Congrats on restarting and big kudos on setting boundaries with your adult kids. You need to secure your financial future!

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            Focus on your two Four walls only, cur your life style down to nothing. Get out of debt and build your emergency fund AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Tell the Kids no and then show them this!

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              Awesome!! So hard to say no to them but necessary for mom n dad and necessary for our adults to learn to manage within their own means.

              We “lend” from time to time in emergency situations but they know from the start they will pay it back. Rn our older son had to replace the gas tank and exhaust in his Pilot.. he had just replaced the 4 tires so he was cleaned out. Lol. Had the cash for the tank but not the exhaust so we lent it. He pays us $200 month till it’s paid off.

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                Congrats on starting again. On some of the recent Debt-Free screams, it took the couple a second-attempt or a reboot to make it happen. The main thing is that you are doing something. Also, as a reminder, if you never incur any more debt and draw a line in the sand (Dave’s words) you will eventually become debt free. So remember, even if you fell off the budget for a period of time, as long as you did not incur new debt, you really did make progress.

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