Accident on child’s record raised my insurance. How to dispute?

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      My son was in an accident on 7.1.21. He was re-ended. ABC Insurance Company totaled his car and gave him a payout. He was on my insurance. So today I switched from ABC insurance to the 123 insurance. 123 Insurance sent me the declarations page and lo and behold I found out that ABC Insurance placed the accident under my name. For 2 years and 9 months, ABC Insurance raised my rates. And 123 insurance gave me higher insurance.

      Reach out to LexisNexis. All insurance companies run everyone through it for what if’s out there. Also, call your insurance company to if there is the wrong info listed!

      I spent 3 hours today disputing the accident/ incident. Once it’s off my history I will be reaching out to ABC Insurance next to see how much they were overcharging me.

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        Depending on son’s age and who was at fault for that accident, your cost may have been even more increased if listed under a younger driver as having an accident, they might have listed you to save you money.

        You might be opening a can of worms with this one. I wish you luck and hopefully that’s not the case.

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          Ask your agent, but it may just be reflecting that there was a claim for an accident on your policy. Insurance rates can increase when a claim is made against a policy regardless of who was driving.

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            Good for you, but It was your policy. They can actually charge you for a permissive driver loss. It can also be on the report but listed as forgiven. I hope you get a refund, but it might be legit.

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