My problem with the hand towel

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      Can anyone help me find out what causes this? This is a week old hand towel and I have no bleach in my bathroom no hair dye?

      Are there any other products that can cause this?

      I have a few towels like this and it’s a bit annoying!


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        I have grey Teddy bear bedding that does this aswell. Baffles me.

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          Wonder if it’s toothpaste might sound daft but some of the whitening ones could cause it.

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            Anything with peroxide in it will cause this. From hair dyes to whitening toothpaste that contains it. Would recommend just sticking them all in a darker dye if you don’t like how they look.

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              Do have you someone in the house using acne lotions/cream?
              I have a house full of towels like this because of my daughter!
              It’s an ingredient in the product that has a bleaching effect

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                Spot treatments such as acnecide/benzoyl peroxide and some other skin treatments do this my towels are like this too, exactly like the comment above

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                  This happens with my acne stuff. retinoide will bleach. I have the bed covers to prove it.

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