Airbnb host low prices – other hosts upset?

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      This might be an interesting discussion here. As I posted previously, I took a trip to Vermont recently just to visit as part of my 50 States List. I stayed 2 nights in an airbnb, my very first use of such a platform versus traditional hotels. One of those nights I came home after dinner. My host and I got to chatting. She mentioned that Airbnb was her third income stream, the other being social security and employment as a social worker.

      What I found interesting was that she told me how other hosts in the area were upset with her due to her low prices that drew travelers to her listing versus others. God forbid she ran her business as she saw fit! She simply stated she loved helping young travelers like me and families travel on a limited budget.

      I thought it was awesome that someone wasn’t out to gouge people just because they had the capital to do so. Surely there are more hosts like that!

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        We rent ours for quite a bit less as well for this reason but we also are FI. We only want to pay for the cost and upkeep so our family can use it as needed. That being said I don’t fault a buisness owner for a fair price. I’ve never gotten any pushback, but it has changed the way I use Airbnb. I have stayed at extremely fancy expensive Airbnbs that were not worth the money.

        Now I set my budget and look at everything in my budget with good reviews. I read those reviews carefully because people are very nice and often times you will see a complaint or two that will give you some insight to a problem other times you can recognize it some people are just being difficult.

        There are a lot of people out there who give reasonable rates for a nice place.

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          I ran across a VRBO owner who rented his condo at lower than market. His focus was on full occupancy and so he undercut the competition.

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            Wonderful place to visit, I recommend the fall (Sept/Oct) or early summer (June’ish).

            Terrible place to live.

            Glad you enjoyed your visit and experience.

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              Don’t begrudge people trying to cashflow. But that’s great to found a really affordable gem.

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                Vermont is one my last three states I need to visit! That’s fun you made it a whole trip to cross it off.

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