Any thoughts on a sweet, thoughtful but inexpensive graduation gift for Daughter?

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      Daughter is graduating college this week. I am not able to do much. Any thoughts on a sweet, thoughtful but inexpensive graduation gift for her? I would really like to do something for her.

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        A good dinner and tell her how proud you are. Words of affirmation can go a long way!

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          Does she live on her own? If so, toilet paper, laundry detergent, household items are my favorites lol.

          You can coupon and get really good deals!

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            A box of chocolate or something she can kick back and relax with. She just did all that work, she would probably love a break ❤️ I graduated in May and got a Dairy Queen gift card and took my kids to get ice cream and it made my (our) day!

            Something sweet and simple!

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              As a former college student, get her a UV umbrella + rainboots.

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                When my daughter graduated from college I gave her the diamond stud earrings her late father had given me.

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                  How about a “memory book” wherein you write simple stories of when she was little, how you knew she was destined for greatness, how much she means to you, including hope and dreams for her future with some pictures and keepsakes included.

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                    When our kiddo graduated we had friends, family , mentors, coaches. Write a message and seal it in an envelope. Some people wrote wisdom, others quotes, or recipes or special messages of affirmation or…. It sort of depended on the relationship. We put all the messages in a wooden box with our own message.

                    The idea is that when life is hard, or they need a pick up or some healing they can select a note to read.

                    One letter my kiddo randomly picked out recently turned out to be from a beloved family member that passed.

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                      Buy the Dr Seuss book “The Places You’ll Go” and write a sweet note inside.

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                        I got gifts for milestones along my journey.

                        My favourite gift I ever received was a letter my dear old dad wrote to me.

                        It was a letter acknowledging my entry into the property market as a young single mum. He signed it on behalf of mum and himself, sharing the pride.

                        graduation gift

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                          Why not give her a sealed cards with a different reason she is amazing and loved on each one. Then instruct to open 1 card every time she needs to feel your love.

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                            A handwritten copy of some of her favorite foods that you make.

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                              My family couldn’t afford a lot when I got my most recent degree. My immediate family came, and I was out of state. That was huge. We went to dinner and I got some flowers.

                              It was a nice day. We talked about memories. Had some champagne and cake.

                              I received a few nice cards.

                              But I had a really nice day. I was just happy to spend time with everyone.

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                                I guess it depends on how much you can afford. I always give my kids and grandkids cash but that can be very impersonal. How about a nice pair of earrings or a watch.

                                Years ago on mother’s day my mother gave me the watch my dad gave her the year l was born.

                                He had been gone for years and she was remarried. It meant alot to me.

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                                  A very meaningful mushy letter written sincerely and from the heart on lovely card or paper. Or if you are a poet, write a poem. This I would treasure more than anything material.

                                  However, what makes her feel loved?

                                  One of my sons feels loved with quality time, my daughter feels loved with a meaningful gift, my other son feels loved with hugs and words of affirmation.

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                                    Do an experience. When my daughter was in college money was tight. We did a “cheap date night”. We went to all the fast food places ordering one thing off their menu. Ex: Burger King chicken nuggets( dollar menu). Taco Bell- dollar tacos. Sonic ice cream. She is now a teacher in her third year and still talks about how much fun that night was.

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                                      Write her a letter and in it put your feelings, words that confirm your feelings for how hard she’s worked, for the fact that she’s graduated, for the fact that she’s a great daughter, for the fact that you love her.

                                      It is a simple little treasure. She can keep for a lifetime.

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