Chase credit card not showing up in Copilot?

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      I am a Mint user who is now testing out Copilot and Monarch Money. As I open up a number of credit cards for travel benefits it is important that the software adds new cards to existing accounts fairly easily. I just opened a new Chase card and it is not showing up in Copilot even though it appears the information is being shared with Copilot. I tried recertify the Chase account in Copilot (as it appeared to be needed) but was not successful.

      Just curious if there are other Copilot users and if they had any hiccups when opening up new Chase credit cards (or with other financial institutions).

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        Chase and many banks are getting a lot stricter about data sharing. This isn’t a Copilot or Monarch issue, it’s a Chase issue. You have to add the account in the aggregator service, login to your Chase, approve the data sharing agreement for that card, and then it will sync.

        It’s the case with Fidelity, US Bank, and most later financial institutions.

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          Very seasoned travel hacker and I am a huge fan of YNAB. Prior to that I used Quicken.

          I manage 30+ cards and would have lost my every loving mind years ago was it not for hands on money management tools like this.

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            Same exact thing with monarch right now. Actually, been working on it for 2 months.

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