Costco hearing aids for seniors on fixed income?

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      My mother has to get new hearing aids but her insurance has decided they will not pay for them. She says she can get some from Costco. Has anyone ever gotten hearing aids from them? Are they decent? Or do you know of anywhere that won’t cost her a fortune? She is on a fixed income.

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        Costco has the best prices I am told. I purchased the Jabra Enhance 300 last month and love them! They are rechargable, have a cell phone app and work great. $1699 with 0% financing for one year. Beltone wanted $5000 in addition to my insurance paying $2500! Jabra is one of the brands that Costco sells.

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          I LOVE Costco’s hearing dept.

          Bought a new pair Of Phillips hearing aids in December. My little 7 pound dog ate one last night. Went to Costco. No worries will send it off to be fixed. If it’s unfixable, you are allowed a replacement of your aids for the first two years.

          I’ve been wearing Costco hearing aids for about the last eight years and have never played paid for a service or a supply it’s all inclusive you could not go wrong.

          Worth a look: I have wanted to use a rotisserie chicken carcass from Costco to make broth but never have!

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            If she is a veteran she can get them from the VA for free.

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              If you have a loins club check with them. They might be able get discounted hearing aids.

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                My husband got his there, Wilmington, NC. We saved $1,500, with a membership. Excellent customer service and support.

                He has had them 6 years, supposed to last 5. Even went back when a wire broke, after the warranty; they fixed, cleaned, and added new batteries and buds for no charge in 15 minutes.

                Spend the extra money for the dryer, Perfect dry Lux, to make sure the hearing aides are kept dry.

                Even if you get sweaty, go put them in the dryer for about 20 minutes.

                We are very impressed with his.

                Take a peek at: Is it worth the money to have both a Costco membership and a Sam’s Club membership?

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                  Love my Costco hearing aid.

                  Have for 6 years.

                  It has the phone app control.

                  Stopped working last month, I made an appointment and took it in. The lady said – oh, look the wire is loose.

                  She took it in the back and replaced the wire. About a five-minute fix and NO CHARGE. Typical service I have had. ($1,200 for one hearing aid my. original cost)

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                    I’ve purchased hearing aids from Costco twice. Both times have been very reliable, and each pair lasted about 5 years.

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                      I got mine at Costco. They are good and the service for them and the hearing test was great. Under $2000 for both ears.

                      No different from other hearing aids. I got the rechargeable ones so no batteries. Invisible wire to ear.

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                        Costco is the largest seller of hearing aids in the world and therefore has the best prices. Their technicians are licensed and not on commission.

                        My Costco recently hired an audiologist also.

                        I’ve had their hearing aids for 5 years and totally satisfied with Costco’s service!

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                          My dad wasn’t happy with Costco’s as you could hear all background noise and talking. They said he needed to buy a more expensive kind.

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