For some reason, I’ve had an A-HA moment when it comes to gift giving

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      For years I have walked up and down store aisles looking for a perfect gift. Christmas Birthdays Easter baskets, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, only to find out the reciever never truly liked it or never used it. It just cluttered up their home.

      So I told my family, unless you tell me exactly what you want and I have to blindly buy you a gift itll either be $$$ gift card something you’ll use everyday ( think like tolietties), or itll be something to eat.

      I’m not shopping like that anymore and finding out later you never really liked it.

      Also I’ve heard I buy too much.

      So from now on 4 gifts apiece, and that’s only if you exactly what you want.

      I don’t have little ones anymore. So this will work fine w my adult loved ones.

      From now on I will be saving my time money energy and sanity.

      I really wish this A-HA moment would of come sooner.

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        Movie theater tickets or restaurant gift certificates are also a nice gift.

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          We don’t buy gifts at all. It’s great….no stress and no one cares. Win win for everyone.

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          Jo Batory

            Same, we give our grandchildren swimming lessons. Our children and their family are given homemade strawberry jam. My husband and I have everything we need so asked to please not buy us anything and happy to say it’s been a much easier for everyone.

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              I stopped buying gifts. I supported charities and said the money came from the person I was meant to buy the gift for. I would put a note in a card telling the gift recipient I’d donated on their behalf. My stepmother loved the idea, said it was the best gift ever. Other family member weren’t so keen but that was their problem.

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                I always buy experiences so there is no clutter and it creates a memory for that person and their family. For my hubby, I bought his a Disneyland tour last year and we got to tour Walt’s apartment. For my nieces and nephews I bought them local annual passes. Cheap ones on Groupon. For nephews and my brothers I bought them tickets to the Monster Truck show also really cheap on Groupon. For my family friend I bought two tickets to Cookie Con in LA and they love love loved it. I use Groupon for most of these purchases because it is way cheap. I also buy movies tickets discounted through my hubby’s employer and my kids gift them as birthday gifts to their friends. Works out wonderfully!!

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                  I give to my kids, my boyfriend and my dad.
                  I don’t give gifts to friends.
                  They don’t give to me…
                  A simple happy birthday or a home cooked meal with some wine as an invite is a wonderful thing.
                  We need to think of the little things instead of material things.
                  Makes life much simpler!!

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                  Tanya R.

                    I stopped buying gifts long time ago. At least for occasions. I will sometimes wire some money to my boys, but other than that, I am not a gifter. People know it, too. And still they feel compelled to gift me stuff I don’t need.

                    If I happen to run across something that I know will make a loved one or a friend happy, then I buy it. But I don’t save it for their special day. I gift when feel like giving.

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                      4 gifts a person is lot . I do like thr idea of a gift card though. You can also ask them specifically what kind of gift card they need . Sometimes people tend not to like gift cards coz it’s not from a place they normally shop n think it’s a waste

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                        I’ve always been picky about gifts. I only want what I want. Our family stopped doing gifts years ago, except perhaps a very special occasion. My circle of friends don’t give or want anything either. Perfect, no shopping required.

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                          We have learned to buy the gift of memories!! My niece and nephews get a night away…their favourite hotel, with pool of course! Junk food included! We get time with them, without their parents. Our adult kids get a family getaway with us of course, and a 1- $40 gift exchange between the kids only. It ends up being almost the same amount of money. Last year we rented a cottage for 3 days at Christmas. It was food and drinks, and karaoke and cards and games and crafts. And we have had an absolute blast!!

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