Frugal Find: Saving Money on Car Rentals with Costco

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      Frugal find: My husband & I rented a vehicle using Costco, through Avis. We reserved a 7-passenger vehicle. When we arrived, the guy took us to the very small lot and showed us our options. All of them were 5 passenger vehicles that he repeatedly said were the same class of car we had reserved.

      It didn’t sound right to me so as we walked back to the office to sign paperwork, I looked up pricing on my phone for the comparable 5 passenger vehicles. Over $100 cheaper (~18%). I showed him and then he gave us the lower price.

      Had I not taken a moment to look for myself and just listened to him, we would have spent much more than we had to.

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        You should complain to Costco.

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          How can a 5 passenger vehicle handle 7 passengers especially if there you have car seats or larger people? Sounds unfair to you. Glad you saved money though.

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            Bait and switch. Glad they honored price quote many would not.

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              Also, you gotta take pictures of every angle of the car cause sometimes they’ll tell you some little dent wasn’t there before you rented it.

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                Next time call Costco Travel directly while you are at the rental counter. They will handle it for you.

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                  We used Costco car rental as well. We lucked out with a bigger vehicle as they did not have our class of vehicle that we reserved. Happens at smaller car rental places.

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                    Report to Costco. They may need to let this company know that bait & switch won’t be tolerated or they will lose their right to rent on their platform.

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                      Yes, never trust any other but your own judgement!

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                        We are our best advocates. Most people are trying to make the most money possible.

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