Got tired of my correlle plates that got hot in the microwave

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      Found a complete set of these dishes (8place settings) at my local thrift store for $5.00!! They are from the mid to late 80s.


      Priced replacement pieces and they they are not cheap.

      What a score!

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        I love Correlle. I buy a couple every once in a while. The children and seniors can handle. Light and shatter proof.

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          As I get older Corelle dishes are easier for me than heavier stoneware.

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            I have this set, it is called Boerenbont. It is a Dutch classic. I started collecting it from thriftstores a couple of years ago.


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              Those are early pfaltzgraf Heartland. I have a setting for 8. Nice find. Great dishes.

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                Because of lead I now use Corelle plain white and accessorize with colorful table cover and flowers. Check for lead.

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                  I bought my grandma a set of those for her birthday one year. I think it was like 1990 or 91. I also bought a set of glasses and flatware with the same pattern. Then I had to go back and get myself a set of the plates. I left them for ex husband and we sold my grandma’s set at yard sale. I kept plenty of her things that meant more to me though.

                  Seeing these plates makes me smile!

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                    About 15 years ago, I found a mikasa set for $40
                    8 salad, dinner + 7 soup plates
                    I love this set. Freezer to oven and microwave safe chip resistant china.
                    Just replacement for 1 dinner plate would be $45.
                    Lost one cup this year…the world did not end and I did not try to replace it 😊
                    It’s my everyday set.

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                      I bought a set of these at Mervyn’s Department store in the 80’s. Eventuality bought bowls, canisters, candle holders, gravy bowls, and lots more. Absolutely loved them. I now have them packed away but will keep them. Always thought they were so pretty.

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