Proud of my frugal wins today!

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      • Found a Dunkin doughnut gift card on the ground after the neighborhood trash was picked up (still had .30 on it)
      • Decided to wash our dog ourselves Vice the $29 for the groomer or the $15 for the dog wash station.
      • Ate left overs (which for hubby always a pork
      • Tenderloin I got for 30% off at Lidl) and some pasta from 2 days ago for me.
      • Sold some of our daughter’s toys and clothes that she has outgrown (made $57)

      We have 4 big trips coming up between Sept and April ( Denver, Tampa, Costa Rica and Germany) so everything we can save and sell will Go Towards funding those adventures and memories.

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        Costa Rica! Awesome have fun.

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          Nicely done! Now, silly question – where do you live that has dog grooming for that price? I am in Florida and it’s over $100

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              It all adds up! Great job! Keep it going.

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