We are trying to decide between a January trip to Thailand or Costa Rica – Which is your favorite and why?

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      I know this is not specifically FII related, but I know a few of you have been to both of these places.

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        I went to Thailand in December planning to stay 2 months and I stayed 6 months…go to Thailand!!

        • Snorkeling
        • Diving
        • Hiking
        • Beach
        • Mountains
        • Daily massages for $5-$12
        • Food markets
        • Elephant sanctuaries
        • Nature parks
        • Songteaw and tuk tuk transport
        • Cooking classes
        • Shopping

        And everything is significantly cheaper than Costa Rica (which is a mother beautiful country; it’s just not Thailand).

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          Costa Rica has sloths.

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            I’m trying to pick between Thailand and Costa Rica for November – January. I’ve been to both. I’ve been putting all my efforts into CR, but today I got to thinking maybe we should go to Thailand and Vietnam or Cambodia.

            I really love Thailand. It is really cheap once you get there, plane tickets can be a bit pricey, very safe, and welcoming people, I love Thai food so there’s that. Thailand has the calmer beaches, IMO, but they also have those crazy jellyfish, lol. Costa Rica I like, but I don’t love it like Thailand. It is nice that we don’t have to fly so far to get there. But the more I look into CR, it is really getting expensive, the internet is sort of hit or miss and my husband works remotely so we need excellent internet.

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              I’ve been to both. Costa Rica is easy, and more relatable. Which makes it more about nature than culture to me.

              Thailand was a learning experience, which is one of the things I enjoy most about travel. Riding a tuk tuk, eating sticky rice, getting to see the wat temples, exotic beaches, etc.

              I’d go for Thailand.

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                We were married in Costa Rica in November and I am already itching to go back (it was my second visit). I love to culture, nature, food, etc of Costa Rica and eventually we’d like to consider living there for a few years.

                On the other hand- I’ve never been to Thailand.

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                  Personally I loved both but prefer Thailand over Costa Rica because it’s easier to get around to the different parts you want to see, it’s relatively inexpensive once you get there, the $2 street food is better than anything you’ll find here in restaurants….and it has elephants. I feel like I spent half my trip in Costa Rica commuting because the infrastructure is so challenging.

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                    Have only been to Costa Rica. Enjoyed it and many things to see. With that said it is a very expensive country. So if you are picking between these two I would absolutely compare costs. I am thinking it will be cheaper to go to Thailand. Only negatives would be much longer flights to get there.

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