Has anyone tried produce containers that claim to extend their freshness?

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      Do they work?

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        We have the Rubbermaid produce savers. Only plastic containers we use. They’re great.

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          No but saw on FB that putting produce in glass mason jars in fridge makes produce really last. Tried it and it works.

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            I use Tupperware Fridge Smart and they do indeed extend the freshness.

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              My mom uses green bags and they do work, but there are numerous “free” ways to store produce to make it last longer.

              It’s just different for everything, so you have to know the different ways to store different produce.

              I printed off a cheat sheet and put it on my refrigerator.

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                I use mason jars for berries and cut up veggies. It makes a huge difference and I already have the jars.

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                  I can keep a head of lettuce for three to four weeks using the Tupperware designed for produce. Strawberries last for two weeks if they are put in right away.

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                    Yes, they do. I started with the Rubbermaid containers then bought some of a different brand on Amazon. They all work very well.

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                    Jo Lewien

                      I use the Tupperware containers designed to keep produce fresh in the refrigerator and they are wonderful, an investment that has paid for itself many times over.

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                        I store my cut up Romain lettuce in the salad spinner. The basket allows moisture a place to drip if there’s any left. And it allows air to circulate around the lattice.

                        Stays good for a couple weeks. Which is ridiculous for lettuce.

                        Explore these too: How do you re-use your jars?

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                          I have the Tupperware ones and they work so well. I’ve had berries for up to a month. Broccoli keeps for about a month, carrots for like 6 months. Lettuce for 2 weeks.

                          Well worth the money. Tupperware often has them on bogo as well so they work out to be comparable to the Rubbermaid ones but with a lifetime warranty.

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                            Truly this keep my lettuce & Celery in great condition for almost a month ..1. with a fork remove/ break off the core of a head of lettuce (cutting with a knife turns lettuce brown) then wrap the head of lettuce in good quality of paper towel like viva place in a Debby Meyer Green produce bag use a twist tie to keep it closed an place it in a gallon zip lock size bag and press out the excess air put the head in the crisper drawer.

                            I do this with a stalk of celery too except when I use celery I slice off 3 inches off the top of the stalk instead of removing I stalk at a time. . I don’t wash or put my hand germs on the vegys. Esp mushrooms.

                            I never touch them just open a PKG into a Debby Meyer bad add a sheet of viva and close the bag with a clip or twist tie you have to check the stored vegys every few days to make sure the papetowels are not to wet. If they are remove an wrap new viva on them I let the paper towel dry on a pants hanger an use it to wipe the counters or what ever.

                            I try to not waste anything. Saving money is the name of the game

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