How can we budget $100/month for groceries for a family of 4 in California?

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      We have some financial emergencies, extra medical and vet bills, and our insurance rised. All this month.

      If We can pay our mortgage next month, We will be lucky.

      I am right now cutting down everything that we can, canceling every subscription, membership… My husband is trying to get a second job, but we already work full time.

      If we are lucky, we could budget 100 per month for groceries for a family of 4 (two little ones) for the next months in California… We do have a lot of basic staples, beans, lentils, garbanzo… but low in meat/protein. And we have some frozen and can veggies.

      I need every single tip, advice, wisdom… Please. I am trying to don’t freak out, I grew up in a really low income house, but in Europe, not in this crazy economy.  We will be moving in January, and we are putting our house for sale, we need to make it until we sell.

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        I agree with those who wrote that you have plenty of protein already. But if you wish to eat meaty stuff, look into organ meat (you probably had it when poor in Europe). Liver, kidney, tripe, ox tongue… Lots of great recipes European-side! If it looks like there aren’t any at your local butcher’s, just talk with the chef butcher and ask. He can get you some.

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          A reminder that everything will be okay and work out somehow 🩷 you are trying the best you can and that’s beyond amazing. It’s so hard.

          Canned chicken is a cheap meat option , it’s taste really good in meals. Costco sells $5 rotisserie chicken you can get a lot out of.

          I recently looked through my stuff and found some things I could go without and sold on fb marketplace and made more than I thought I would. Kids toys they don’t use anymore or old baby stuff people always are looking to buy.

          Best of luck.

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            You have plenty protein there, skip the meat.

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              I would check out local food pantries, and look up free giveaway pages on here for your area! My neighborhood has a “gifts and wishes” Facebook group where people really come together and help each other with things like this!

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                Hugs to you.

                Take a deep breath. You will be OK. I would look for church food banks and food pantries to help temporarily. It is there for situations like this. If it bothers you, pay it forward when you get on your feet. With a good pantry stock, you can make that food money stretch. Look up recipes based on what you have in stock.

                Try to make things without meat like Mac and cheese. Beans. Use fillers like garlic bread. Make homemade biscuits if you run out of bread. (So easy if you have basics like flour) Noodles are easy too. One cup flour one egg half the egg shell of water and salt. Mix.

                Roll out and cut in strips drop one at a time in boiling broth.

                Proposed: For two adults, one kiddo, how much do you spend monthly on mostly organic groceries?

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                  Beans and lentils are excellent sources of protein. Eat meatless, healthy and cheap if you are cooking it, tacos, enchiladas, chili, lentil soup or stew, none of them need meat. So many more too! But don’t rule out food bank and food pantries, that’s what they are for.

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                    For the medical bills, they might have payment plans or depending on your income, they’ll reduce your payments. Call them to ask and they’ll usually work with you.

                    For vet bill, ask them about the credit card with no interest specifically for vet relatedly expenses.

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                      Hit the food banks in your area.

                      Also look for any groups giving out cleaning supplies and hygiene products.

                      Join any free groups for your area.

                      Go through your stuff and see what you can sell. For the medical bills, ask if they’ll take payment plans. It’s humbling, but times are tough for a lot of people. Don’t be afraid to ask.

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