How much is your grocery budget?

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      And what do you consider as groceries? Do you include cleaning products, soap, shampoo, paper towels, etc? Or only food?

      Right now my budget is $400 a month for a family of three. That’s includes food and all cleaning products for the house.

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        550/month for a family of five with 3 teens. That does not include alcohol, cleaning or personal products, or eating out.

        Just groceries.

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          Family of 3, probably $1500-2k a month and includes all those things but also organic, pasture-raised, “health food” brands, same for personal products and cleaning.

          And two over 6-foot athletes. It’s a priority here.

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            (Unless you’re gardening.)

            The less you budget for food and cleaning supplies today, the more you have to budget for diabetes, heart and cancer treatments in the future.

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              Currently 3 adults, 4 kids (one adult is our 19yo). We YNAB so I gots the stats for you. 🤣

              Grocery is food/dining out: $1400/month.
              Other Household items: $200/month.

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                Family of 6 (boys 15, 13, 9, and 6) and I include anything bought at grocers, Costco (unless major purchase like appliance,etc) and Amazon (mostly use subscribe and save), and any eating out. We’re close to $2k/month.

                A year ago we were closer to 1200. These boys play sports and eat non stop.

                I even stock up during sales.

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                  When we hit active teenage years it’s seemed to skyrocket. Our avg this year is 1k a month. 5 years ago we were at 450/month.

                  I’ve also managed and stressed about costs less this year, which plays into it. And any groceries count to this budget including party food, etc. $400/month, especially if it’s healthy, is great!

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                    By golly we’re a family of two and my budget is about $800/month. That includes eating out though which isn’t very common for us.

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                      We’re at around $1200/month. That includes shampoo, facial scrubs, otc medication, feminine hygiene, paper products, food, occasionally birthday cards, seasonal needs (sunscreen, bug spray, etc.).

                      I’m working on that number though. There have been months that we’ve spent $1500 at the grocery and months we’ve spent $800.

                      We’re a family of three, so it really ends up being the expensive drinks my husband likes (celsius and monster-one of each every day) and a few other things that make it so pricey.

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                      E Lynn

                        Our budget is $800 in Austin Texas. Some months we exceed and some months we are under budget. But we never eat out unless we’re traveling. We are vegetarians.

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                          We include everything from the grocery store & Costco. It’s my husband & I, $500.

                          Includes wine & beer too…we’re empty nesters just trying to live our best lives.

                          Also, check out: How else can I keep my grocery budget down?

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                            $700-$800 for both of us not including soap, detergent, and cleaning supplies or toiletries. We eat mostly organic and we pay extras for everything we use around the house to ensure it’s healthy since I am managing a disease without medication.

                            I probably pay about $100 to $150 each month for everything just listed besides foods. Hard to calculate on average because when there is a sale at Target for Seventh Generation stuffs I buy a bunch.

                            I spent close to $200 this month for house essentials that are not foods related alone this month! And we live in California.

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                              Ours is more like $1000/mo (groceries/house supplies only, not eating out) with a family of 4 (two teenage boys) in a relatively HCOL.

                              Eating out with the 4 of us is usually close to $100 each time.

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                                Groceries are expensive here and flying solo it’s $400/mo. That does include other items at the grocery store but I’m very frugal, tge brand of TP I buy costs about $20 and lasts 6-9 mo.

                                I use distilled vinegar or hot water and dish soap to clean with, I rarely buy paper towers or other disposable products and opt for reusable rags I can wash instead. And I rarely venture in the center isles of the grocery stores.

                                I even do the majority of my shopping at the discount grocery store.

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