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      1- I use Grocery Pick up to compare prices at Aldi, Wegman’s and now wholefoods. The night before, I make a list and meal plan, and set the pick up order for my Lunch time the next day. I put a cooler in my trunk with an ice pack for the cold/frozen items! I use my lunch time to grab the food, saving time at the end of my work day and avoid the busy rush at 5pm.

      2- I have always thought that Whole Foods was fancy and expensive, but I have been tracking my Aldi per ounce/pound prices, and I found MANY items were beat out by Whole Foods- I could NOT believe my eyes.

      I buy a mix of regular and organic, I spend about $300 a month for 2 people.

      There were some items on sale with a discount as a Amazon Prime Member.

      Mind Blown!

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        That’s amazing. I’ve been aiming to keep my groceries under $100 a week for my family of 4. My kids (1 and 5) are grazers so I really just plan for two adults and know we will have enough to feed them too since they never eat a ton doing online shopping and pickup helps me challenge myself to stick to budget and not get distracted!

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          Keep in mind that Instacart sets their own prices and does not necessarily honor sales. I stopped using Instacart because it was significantly (about $10 per shopping trip) cheaper to go in and do it myself. However, that $10 cost may be well worth it if it saves you time, stress, and the temptation to get takeout because you haven’t had a chance to grocery shop.

          Also, different Aldi’s (and Walmarts) charge different prices for the same thing. Shopping on one end of town costs more than the other side for us for the exact same items.

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            Yeah I love Aldi, however we have arrived at the same conclusion as you, they are unfortunately not the cheapest in some categories like before.

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              From a 10 year previous Whole Foods employee, but an Aldi lover, don’t forget that if you have Prime, you get an additional 10% off sale items. Their prices are becoming much more comparable post Amazon coming in.

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                I have just shopped at aldis 2x in the past 6 weeks. I told my husband there were a few things that were a good price, but I get better prices at Kroger. My husband did say he liked the chicken tenderloins better that I got at ALDIs though.

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                  Throughout the week I will add my entire grocery list to my online order. Then I physically go to lidl/Aldi and get the items that are cheaper. As soon as I finish there with the cheaper items, I will then submit my online order for pick up the next day or two for the rest of my groceries.

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                    Be careful with the cold and frozen items. Frozen food begins to defrost the minute it is taken out of the freezer. You only have a 30 minute window where it is safe. It does extend it a bit with a cooler and ice packs but only by like an hour or two. It can warm up just enough to allow bacteria to form.

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                      I do similar except don’t do grocery pick up. I have to go to multiple different grocery stores a day for work so I grab what I need as I leave that store.

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