How to stick to budget in emotionally challenging times?

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      Am having a particularly difficult day with a loved one. Which means am tempted to deal with this pain with some outside food for comfort. Trying to overcome the urge to eat outside food and end up spending on junk food that will only momentarily reduce the pain.

      How to stick to budget in emotionally challenging times? The heart wants to do back to default of dealing with pain. For some it’s food or alcohol or even shopping. Mine is outside junk food.

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        As the others have said, it won’t really take your pain away and will make it worse with guilt and money you spent that needs to go to other priorities you have. A good walk will help, and if you follow God, tell him of your struggles. You can and need to make the better choice you know you want to make. Blessings.

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          Long walks, with earbuds have helped me. Add an app like map my walk and you will feel a sense of accomplishment at weeks end.

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            Go somewhere cheap like $ Tree and not a gas station or coffee shop. It keeps the money small as well as the servings and the calories!

            Can you make it at home and beat that brownie or cake mix by hand and get some frustration out?

            Can you budget for half price Easter candy and hide it for emergencies? Keep cheap, budgeted things on hand and hide them from yourself for those frustrating moments!

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              I have $3 per week budgeted for convenience purchases. I stock treats for myself and bring them to work with me for moments where I’m hungrier than normal or more stressed than normal. It helps buying them at the grocery store versus a gas station but then that $3 covers the convenience store in my office building for moments like this.

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                (BS2) – yes, stay strong, but can you budget in a little per month for times like this? A coping fund? Just a few dollars, to get yourself something special – a coffee, an ice cream, whatever floats your boat….

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