Hybrid vs. gas car: financial pros and cons?

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      Hybrid vs gas car. I’m getting ready to get a new car (2024 and won’t have payments) and the models come in gas and hybrid. Does anyone with a hybrid have any insight in costs and if it’s worth it. I know it could average out to be the same cost with having to replace the hybrid battery if needs to be replaced compared to the gas I save. I normally drive my cars till they die.

      My state sucks with car registration and we have to pay the taxable value of the car yearly and if it’s a hybrid they tack on $60 more dollars.

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        My son in law is a Master Tech and says Toyota Hybrid.

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          I’ve had 2 Toyota Hybrids. First was a Toyota Prius purchased in 2004. I drove it for 290,000 miles before giving it to my sister who drove it for another four years. When I gave my sister the Toyota Prius I purchased a Toyota RAV4 not a hybrid. Had that for seven years. Traded it in for a Toyota Camry XLe hybrid love it. Around town which is where 80% of my driving is done. I get about 50 miles to the gallon. Highway I get around 40 miles to the gallon.

          PS. I never had to change the battery in my Toyota Prius in the 290,000 miles. I drove it. That’s eventually why my sister had to send it to the grave the battery gave out. At that point the Prius was 14 years old and had well over 300,000 miles on it.

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            I was just car shopping last week. From my reading hybrids are more expensive to insure too.

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              Cost is the least of your problems with an EV. People can’t find charging stations and if they do, the electricity trickles in and they sit for 30 min to get a half tank. If you go on trips they are a nightmare.

              If you only toodle around town and charge it at night in your garage, you are fine. My daughter has one.

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                Love my Honda Accord Hybrid! Had since new in 2016, it’s a 2017. One thing with hybrids, buy the extended warranty! Too many electronics can go wrong. Mine has paid for itself several times. Would not trade my car for anything!

                I get 40 – 48 mpg.

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                  Plus the batteries can’t be recycled… more poison in the landfills.

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                    We got a plug-in hybrid Kia SUV. It goes about 32 miles on electric before switching to hybrid mode. We have a solar panel system on our house, so we get 32 sun-powered miles a day, which covers most of our daily drives.

                    The car itself was pretty expensive, but we spend about $5 a month on gas.

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                      Gas! I bought a hybrid it was way more expensive. I paid 4x more for tags, insurance was way more expensive and I only got a few more miles per gallon. Honda civic is my go to!

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                        We have a Toyota Prius that is almost 10 years old, and we are giving it to our son this fall when he gets his license. It is by far the best car I have ever owned. We have never had to do any work on it besides maintenance and I love the gas mileage it gets.

                        Because of that we are going to replace it with another Prius.

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                          I have a cousin who is uber intelligent & she purchased a Toyota Prius…she switched back to gas only because the Prius constantly needed expensive upkeep unlike a gas only auto.

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                            Hybrids get the best gas mileage in town but even highway trips we get 50mpg in Toyota Prius.

                            No issues with it, 160k going fine. (Unless you want to accelerate quickly…)

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                              I also drive cars until they die. My next car will be a Toyota hybrid. Gas is about $5.00 a gallon where I live.

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                                We have a Ford Maverick hybrid and love it. Bought it new. By the time we need a new battery, it won’t be the thousands people claim they are. The batteries that are real expensive are the high end electric vehicles (like Tesla). For instance, the Toyota Prius battery is about $2000 but if you buy a new Prius, those batteries last about 10 years so you’re not going right out to buy a new battery the following year you purchase the car; the batteries last a good amount of time!

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                                  I’ll never go hybrid/electric.

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                                    I’ve always thought I would go for a hybrid or electric car. But I recently found out that if your in an accident and you need the jaws of life to get you out, they have to completely discharge the battery of the hybrid or electric car. Those minutes/time could cost a life.

                                    So, I’m now in the process of rethinking that decision.

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                                      Toyota is the leader for hybrid cars. I have 2 of them! A 2015 prius and a 2012 highlander. I haven’t had ANY battery issues at all. I expect someday I will, but that’s why I have a sinking fund for auto repair.

                                      I live in middle tennessee and can literally drive to the beach on a tank and a half of gas. That was my original intention behind buying my prius because I love road trips! The highlander came out of the necessity of needing more seating for my family of 7.

                                      I feel like it all balances out and I love my savings on gas. My husband and I share the pruis bc he works nights and I’m days, leaving the highlander in the driveway most of the time. Our gas bill is typically under $100 a month for BOTH cars.

                                      That said, we used to have a 2019 Jeep Wrangler and it drank gas like water. $70 every week to fill it.

                                      We feel like we won the lottery lol

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