I am getting married soon and I bought a $300 dress that I just like, but I want a $1400 dollar dress

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      I know it’s crazy but it’s tormenting me Help me!

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        Can you use a little extra money to make the dress you currently have into something closer that resembles the one you want, or better? I say it’s your day, do what makes you happy. My husband and I have been married 15 yrs, we got married in sweaters and jeans. Used the money we had for a lavish wedding to pay off debt and buy a house. No regrets here!

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          My daughter found a dress she loved for her wedding but it was $$$. So she voluntarily said Mom let’s go to lunch and look around I know I can find something cheaper. At lunch I asked her, ” if we keep looking what are you going to look for?” She answered ” That dress”

          I bought the dress. Worth every penny to see her spend her day looking radiant in a dress she loved. Who knows maybe one day my granddaughter will wear it.

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            I’m not big into clothes so I bought 2 wedding dresses. one for $100 and one for $30. I got married in the $30 one and put the rest of the money towards our honeymoon (we already had a house so we would have put it towards that if we didn’t). I don’t really remember much about the dress but I have SO many memories from that vacation.

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              The dress I fell inlove with was $700 but I knew I couldn’t do that so i went with a $20 dress from wish and honestly I’m so glad I did. I still have the dress and it’s still in perfect condition but I don’t think I’ll ever wear it again and it would make me so mad seeing $700 sitting in my closet to never be worn again (even if we renewed our vows my hips grew from pregnancy so there’s no way I could fit in it)

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                I bought a $100 dress off of Amazon. I didn’t really like it. Everyone loved it. One of the two things I would do differently. Get the dress you want.

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                  It is only for 1 day. Mine was around 750 from a consignment store and looking back, that felt like a lot/ too much. I would save the difference in money and spend it on your honeymoon!

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                    Personally, I would put that money that you would have spent on the more expensive dress towards your honeymoon.

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                      prepare for a marriage not just for a wedding!

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                        Be happy you can afford anything. I was married in a $10 Kmart White dress.

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                          I made my wedding dress (for my first marriage). When I was shopping one day, I found a beautiful dress on clearance, bought it and wore it when I married my (now) husband. It’s not about the dress. But that dress looked good on me even if it didn’t cost a month’s salary.

                          When my daughter got married, we were limited on funds, found a vintage wedding dress that fit her perfectly (for a decent price), then some expert seamstresses, in our church, helped me make it even more beautiful. She looked gorgeous in it.

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                            I married young. I found the perfect dress on sale . It was beautiful. Perfect for a young bride. How ever my parents were paying for it . It was like 450 . Today it would be in the range you speak of or more I guess . Instead ? My dad bought a used one from one of his buddy’s for 100 . It made me look like a clown . I was a little bit heavy then. The only time in my life . One made me Shapley And feel beautiful. I still regret not buying it myself but we were young and just starting out . Wanted to save what I could for getting our own place. I am 65 and it still makes me want to cry . I know it made no difference at the wedding but it does put a shadow in my memories. Buy the damn dress please for me. Wish I was rich I would buy it for you . SSI just barely give you enough to survive. Just a old broad that has been there done that .

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                              I got married in a dress that I didn’t really like because it was cheaper. I regret it. There are some things in life it makes sense to splurge on. It’s once in a lifetime.

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                                The wedding is just one day and when it is over you will naturally feel a little let down form the hype being over. The extra money spent won’t make you more beautiful. It won’t make your soon to be spouse love you more. It won’t make your guests think more highly of you. Go with the $300 dress and feel good with the notion that you were practical, wise, and brag about how unpretentious you were. Years from now you will not care about what you wore on that day. If you do, then you are someone who is focusing on the wrong values.

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