I want to know what everyone’s “thing” is that they cannot seem to become frugal on. What’s your must have?

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      For me I am a snob for K-cups. I cannot bring myself to brew regular coffee or not get fancy brands. Sounds stupid but I just love the quick and no effort way of it.

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        Kids extracurricular activities!! Of it weren’t for providing opportunities, I’d be way richer

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          Walmart has their own brand of k cups and they’re good. Amazon occasionally has deals on variety packs and I have to have my k cups. The reusable filter with coffee just doesn’t work for me.

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            Food if I crave it, I’m gonna get it. I know how and have been frugal with it when I had to but I don’t wanna anymore lol

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              I spend way too much on shoes but I wear orthotics and have injured feet so it’s a must. Sometimes regular price yikes. I also tend to buy quality clothes but only on clearance or from Costco.

              I found a pant store that are medium quality but they only cost $10.00- $15.00 on sale.

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                I always buy good shoes twice a year, I work a very labor intensive job and spending good money on shoes that will last is always worth it imo

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                  Vacations with my son. We usually stay in a cheap motel or VRBO…other times, we sleep in the car. We go hiking and swimming and exploring. Eating whatever we want and making the absolute best memories.

                  I also buy way too many craft supplies!!!! I do, however, work at Joann’s so I get a good discount and shop the sales.

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                    I don’t usually buy K-cups and I do not purchase cheap coffee. I buy Jamaica Blue Mountain, Foster and Hobbs Red Head or Costa Rican Decaf and Sunrise/Sunset Decaf. I even drive to another city for my coffee.

                    It is the one simple pleasure that can make my day.

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                      Nice gym membership – I did the budget ones for years, and finally joined a nice one a few months ago – outdoor and indoor pools, towel service, social activities, etc. I finally told myself my health is worth it, and I’m taking advantage of many opportunities they offer to get my money’s worth!

                      I figure if I go, it will be frugal in the long run due to decreased medical bills!

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                        My cats & dogs…I give them the best and won’t be frugal with them.

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                          I look at it as “voting” with your money – things that aren’t important to you get less money spent on them, while things that are important to you are purchased. Being frugal isn’t about deprivation. I buy quality shoes because I tend to have feet and back issues, but I buy less pairs of shoes. Hubby and I are retired and love eating out.

                          We usually go at lunch time, drink water, and either split a meal or order from the appetizer menu – one more thing that is an REAL issue with me – we DO NOT skimp on the tip! That is not what frugal is all about! It’s kind of a thing with me, can you tell? No judgment – if you don’t want or can’t afford to tip, then eat at places that don’t expect it.

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                            Getting my nails done. I’ve given it up for awhile and I hate it! I’m a hairstylist and my hands are in a shampoo bowl 24/7 so doing my nails at home never last more than a couple days.

                            I go to the nail salon once every few months and it makes me feel so good to have my nails done.

                            Really debating making it a once a month thing.

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                              Truthfully I do anything I desire, if my bills are paid I will go on vacations or eat at any expensive place I want , the reason is I only have one life I’m going to enjoy it . I don’t need 30000 stacked in the bank but I do need adventures and enjoy my one life I have.

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