Ideas for affordable Advent calendar gifts, stocking stuffers, and coupons for tweens/teens?

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      Planning ahead… any ideas for free or in expensive things/ items for tweens/ teens (we have a girl and a boy) for advent calendar type gifts, stocking stuffers, and maybe even coupon ideas from parents to the kids? (Coupon example: parent(s) will do a chore for you, a pack of gum (sugar free and dye free), etc…). Thank you in advance for your suggestions and ideas.

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        Dollar store ($1.25 store now I guess) items like hair ties, colorful socks, fun pencils/erasers, arts and craft stuff, depending on their ages they have some decent small toys too. They even have small packages of name brand candy that I’ve used for stocking stuffers.

        Another idea is to buy a gift set of something and split it up.

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          My teens have always loved cash. They aren’t as materialistic as their peers which helps them in the long run in terms of savings and less waste. Also saves us any cognitive effort!

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            How about $25 split up for the advent calendar in different amounts so they don’t know what each day will be. Can also change up how it’s offered, like one day could be a gold dollar, one day could be a quarter from the state you live in. One day a roll of pennies, another a coin dated their birth year etc.

            Stocking: Fun socks are apparently a thing for both boys and girls… think taco or dog socks

            Favorite candy, mechanical pencils, your coupon idea for a chore is a great idea. I usually try to find one personal item, like a joke item they’ll think is funny (like a pickle jar for the pickle lover) or a silly pic of them they didn’t know I had. You can also find small cheap games like a deck of cards, Uno, Farkle, Rubix cube. Boys are always harder than girls.

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              Do they have a favorite snack/chips/candy?

              Email those companies and tell them that you kids loves those snacks and if they have coupons available.often they will send coupons for free items and some companies will send you free swag like stickers,tshirts etc

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                Croc charms. I turn old small toys into Christmas ornaments, write their name and date on them. Bath bombs.

                Note saying tonight we drive around drinking hot chocolate and looking at christmas lights.

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                  I work with kids & all tweens & teens (and adults!) seem to love fidget toys, whether they are squishy, spinny, etc.

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