Instacart Mark-up V.S. In-store prices

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      For some retail partners such as Whole Foods, the prices are the same. But for stores like Costco, Instacart has a 15%+ markup. According to Instacart “the average price of items on Instacart is 15% higher or more compared to the average price of that retailer in your local area.”Dec 4, 2023

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        I JUST saw this like 5 minutes ago. Something that is usually $8.99-$9.99 is $14.99 so now I’m at the store.

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          This is good to know!!

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            The stores set the prices. Most stores charge more on the app to make up the fee that Instacart takes from them.

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              I used to order deliveries from Publix through Instacart pretty regularly. Then my shopper sent me a picture of the Publix receipt from my order (which they’re not supposed to do) and the total was $100+ less than I paid Instacart after tip and fees and up charges.

              I had always deluded myself that it wasn’t a BIG difference so I could keep doing it but once I had proof I couldn’t ignore (which is why they aren’t supposed to show you the store receipt) I stopped immediately.

              Have you seen: Has anyone had groceries delivered from the imperfect food app/store?

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                If it’s anything like restraunts on DoorDash and stuff, the store sets the price on the apps to help cover the fee the apps charge for them to sell through it and to make a lil extra profit.

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                  I’ve noticed when I place orders through Targets app it’ll say Online order price… makes me wonder if they’re charging more for items to pull up and pick up, while saying it’s a free service.

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                    How do you think they people shopping for you get paid? Of course items are marked up.

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                      They have been doing that for years.
                      Average up charge at Costco is not 15% it average to $3 per item.
                      That was in 2020 when I realized that I was done using them.

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                        IC marks up items at every store.

                        The only time I’ve seen the prices the same, is when you order directly through the store and select delivery on the store website.

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                          It’s worth it to avoid the crowds, car damage, gas convenience, and my time. Plus, the shoppers are working to make money for their family. It’s a win win..

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                            I don’t use that app but priced some frontline for my pet on the Walmart app and checked to make sure it was in stock. When I got to the store, it was marked up $10! I took it to the service desk, and they honored the app price.

                            Very tricky…

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                              For some stores, there are regular shoppers that do orders within the stores. I don’t know how it would even work with Costco. It’s probably why it cost so much more, it’s like ordering online versus going into the store.

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                                I usually order from the store but use Instacart sometimes. I just checked and the site doesn’t give that 15%+ message. I checked the price of some bread that I get sometimes and IC is $4.09 and H-E-B online is $3.58.. H-E-B online is a little than in-store too. But I don’t have a car so I order.

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                                  I use Walmart+. No mark up. We pay yearly and get black Friday deals, (a $50 credit) and a free paramount +. So we pay $50 yearly and tip for each delivery.

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