Is investing in ETFs and index funds enough?

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      I’m still new to investing but I have no debt, have maxed 401K/roth IRA and have high yield savings. I feel like everyone is doing ETFs and index funds?

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        I’m a big believer of ETFs/ index funds as long as they pay divideds. I’m all about creating passive income so that way when it comes time to retirement you’re not worried about how much stock you can sell each year.

        Also, there much safer than buying single stocks.

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          Both mutual funds and ETFs can be actively managed or passive index funds.

          Yes investing in just index funds is “enough”. 3-6 months in your HYSA, and the invest as much as possible into low cost index funds, prioritizing tax advantaged accounts first.

          Aim for 20-25% for standard retirement age, or 30-50+ percent for early retirement.

          Have you seen: What ETFS/Stocks/Bonds are you buying to diversify your portfolio?

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            personal finance is personal, so it all depends on your financial goals. For me, investing in index/mutual and ETFs funds, plus owning my home will be more than enough to become a multimillionaire by the time I retire in my late to 50’s.

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              I have 50% of my portfolio in ETFs and they are beating the other half of my portfolio.

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                In my opinion, investing in ETFs and index funds is not the only option. You can further expand your portfolio to include some other types of investments, stocks or currencies are good options. But the most important thing is that you need to establish an investment plan and goals for yourself!

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