I want to go back to using powder washing machine detergent

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      I think it’s more cost effective than liquid or pods. And I don’t like the plastic bottles (& not sure if they are recycled by my garbage company). I’ve noticed tho at the big warehouses BJs Sams & Costco that there is only liquid and pods. Where do you all buy your powder and price per ounce you pay?

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        I make my own and I go to dollar general to buy almost everything on Saturdays when it’s $5 off $25 and they have coupons for atleast something!

        It definitely saves money for me!

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          Make your own. I have a recipe it you would like to have it. Cost effective and lasts quite awhile I think.

          Bonus is it all cones in cardboard boxes.

          My I’m trying yo find fabric softener that is in powder and coming in a box.

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            Costco has a brand called nellies that I use.

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              I started using laundry sheets. I don’t think much of the plastic bottles in liquid laundry detergent is recycled.

              We consumers are told the containers are recyclable, but that doesn’t mean that they ARE.

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                Do not use powder. It clings to the working components. After awhile if effects the machine. I had to replace my whole drum.. then he showed me the undesolved soap build up.

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                  I hate the power, with the h e washers it doesn’t dissolve completely and after having to rewash clothes several times because of soap streaks all over them I went back to liquid.

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                    I make my own. Lots of recipes on Google or pinterest. Here’s mine: 1 box borax, 1 box Arm&Hammer washing soda, 1 bar of Fels Naphtha or Zote soap (grated).

                    Mix and store in large container.

                    B.T.W. Don’t forget to take a look at: Washing machine leaked yesterday

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                      Dollar general has really good laundry deals every week, usually 5 off 20 or 30. And if you go Saturday, you get an extra 5 off 25.

                      They have all kinds of dry detergent that CONSTANTLY go on sale.

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                        Just started to use detergent sheets. Love them.

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                          I use the Roma powdered detergent from Big Lots. It’s about $3.99 for a huge bag and you don’t need to use as much as the package says.

                          It is made in Mexico and it is fantastic!

                          Would you also like to explore: Does anyone have a homemade recipe for washing machine cleaner?

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                            I have gotten powder detergent at Sam’s Club. It is called Wind Fresh and has 215 loads per bucket. The bucket and lid can be used for other purposes.

                            I use them to gather garden produce and I use an upside detergent bucket to sit my laundry basket on when I am at the clothes line.

                            The bucket is rectangular with rounded edges. Another good powdered detergent for white clothes is Roma from Wal-Mart. It comes in a plastic bag that takes up little garbage can space when the detergent is used up.

                            Roma is too harsh for colored clothes but it does a wonderful job on white clothes.

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                              I no use either. I was watching the laundry guy TV show and he says use soap flakes. So I buy a box of soap flakes. You just use a tiny bit and it will last you a long time and it’s very cheap.

                              It’s also good for your clothes because soap leaves a film on your clothes.

                              B.T.W. You can check also: Has anyone tried and had success with laundry eco sheets instead of detergent?

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                                I buy huge boxes of powdered Tide at Sam’s. They last forever, and we have a big family!

                                I just can’t stand the plastic jugs that I KNOW aren’t actually getting recycled.

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                                  This recipe is great! I hate all the plastic waste with liquid laundry detergent.

                                  There is also a store near me that sells all kinds of cleaning supplies package free- you bring your own bottles or jars and just refill.

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                                    I take 3 bars of grated felsnaptha soap, 1 big box of borax, 1 big box of baking soda, and one big box of washing soda. Mix them together and store in containers.

                                    Use 1/8 cup per load. It costs less than a big box of tide. It is gentle enough for baby diapers and strong enough for mechanics or farmers. It will last at least twice as long as a large box of powdered tide.

                                    The powdered detergents have a lot of other things in them but this recipe does not have anything extra and is environmentally safe to water trees.

                                    I have a front loader and have no problems with the machine.

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