Is it hard switching from Verizon to another carrier for cell service?

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      I hate paying such high rates, but we no longer have a house phone so I want & need this to be easy. I dread doing it because these things usually end up being a pain in the @$$.


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        No. Had no issues when I switched to total wireless. Now it’s called Total by Verizon and I have great coverage without paying a lot.

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          MAKE SURE you print out your Verizon bill before switching. Because even though it’s seamless to switch carriers, as soon as you do, Verizon cuts off your ability to access your billing information. Even your account number. To pay your final bill, or even access to your information, you need your account number and information, and if you don’t have your old bill printed out, it’ll be a major pain. Trust me on this.

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            Changed from t-mobile to Verizon, was able to transfer all services, retain number, all information on phone, paid lower amount for greater plan.

            Sometimes you can get a free phone.

            Shop around, especially now. Mother’s Day is coming up and most companies run some specials, also around June for graduations.

            You could also contact ur current carrier and see if there is a way to decrease your current charges, especially if you have been with then for a while.

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              Mint is fantastic. I’m on year three of the annual plan. It’s 15 bucks a month. I do 360 a year to get more data but the annual basic is like 180 a year. You can’t beat that. I’ve never had issues with service. They usually backbone off of tMobile.

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                We moved from Verizon to T Mobile. There were a few hiccups but nothing too awful. It is easiest though to have all the phones switching over with you when you go. Our biggest issues involved friends and family who lived in a different locale than us.

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                  Buy an unlocked, used iPhone (or android) on Amazon or EBay. It must be factory unlocked! Not tied to companies like Verizon etc, Then go to Sim Mint (Google them) buy a sim card (you can keep your number) and insert it.

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