Save on Verizon Bills: Review and Negotiate for Discounts

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      If you’re on a Verizon Wireless plan, make sure you call and question bill changes. Our bill went up to $207 from $180 (still crazy high) for three lines.

      I called and told them we were switching to Straight Talk because of how high everything was and after about an hour on chat total, we are down to $129 a month after taking things off we don’t need and adding discounts we qualify for.

      Definitely worth the extra to go through everything, especially if you have been with them for years and can get a loyalty discount.

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        That’s great you were able to get your bill lowered so much. I wouldn’t continue to have given them the business because you had to point all of this out to them. It wasn’t until they knew you were switching that they lowered your bill and gave you discounts you were entitled to all along.

        I would call them back and ask for a higher up manager. Tell them you want to be reimbursed for all the months you over paid in the form of a check not bill credits. If they don’t agree then I would switch. Why reward them with more business?

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          That’s still pretty high, try Mint, Consumer Cellular or another discount carrier, all of them just rent from the big guys so lower overhead= lower prices.

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            When I called them, they said they couldn’t lower my bill, but offered to “bundle” me with their tv package. It wouldn’t have saved any money. So, I switched. Then they suddenly were able to offer me $50 (for a few months) off my monthly bill…

            I stayed with my new carrier. I also called my cable provider. Same story, so I disconnected cable and just watch antenna tv plus some streaming aps. I really don’t miss either provider and I love the $$$ savings.

            Suggested: Is it hard switching from Verizon to another carrier for cell service?

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              Cable companies are the same way. They never lower the bills though, they just give you stuff at no charge.

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                Switched to Visible whom is owned by Verizon. $25 unlimited everything a month.

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                  Do all of it yourself except gutters. Either hire that out or get gutters with guards so leaves and debris doesn’t get in them in the first place.

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                    I pay $160.00 to get my gutters cleaned out. I do not do heights very well, and $160.00 is worth it to me. Two story house, with one story addition, plus a stick built shed. Heights are not my thing. I could go every two years, but I have a big monkey ball tree near to the house.

                    If you have no trees may never or very rarely need cleaning.

                    My frig is wedged in. The only time it comes out is when it gets replaced. One over 30 years, last one was 12 or so years, current one bought during Covid. My central air conditioner I just make sure no debris around it, and pull weeds around it. Professional services the guts.

                    I just switch the wall thermostat to heat, no need for anything else.

                    I don’t use my dryer any more at all. But people go years before having that done, if you clean the lint catcher Everytime you use it.

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