What cell phone plan are you all using? Are you happy with the service?

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      Can’t explain why, but I’m skeptical of the ads for Consumer Cellular, Pure Talk etc… We’ve been with Verizon for years, and I’m embarrassed we’ve been paying so much when there are likely better/cheaper options.

      Thanks all.

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        Consumer Cellular for 10 years. Love them!! $50 for 2 lines. (Or it’s $30 for one.)

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          I’m actually looking to change from Verizon as well. I will say coverage in my area is 99.9%

          The only time it gets bad is when NASCAR or concerts come to town.

          I’ve thought about consumers cellular but they use AT&T or T Mobile in my area. Both of which are sketchy on their own.

          Some of my neighbors have them and I see them talking on their phones outside, in 20 degrees, not because they want to.

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            We are on Verizon unlimited everything. We have 5 lines, couple phones on payments, and a streaming service but we pay about $202 a month. Not bad for all that we are getting and having exceptional service.

            We live in a more rural area and not all the other companies have great coverage in the country.

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              My parents have had consumer cellular for years with no problems. Excellent Customer Service too

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                I just changed to T-Mobile 55+ plan. 2 phones at the highest package is less than 1 line with AT&T. Plus I switched to their internet which is discounted because I have cellular through them.

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                  Metro by T-Mobile, we have 3 lines unlimited everything and some amount of hot spot I can’t remember, $110/month.

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                    I think a lot depends on your location and how well the different cell towers work where you need it. My sister has had multiple providers over the years and it didn’t matter whether they were cheap or expensive, coverage was spotty at best.

                    I would imagine that the bigger companies have a broader network reach than the smaller ones, but you won’t know until you try.

                    I just recommend not signing a contract with any of them until you know how well they work.

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                      I do Straight Talk. My husband had Tracfone. Work very well for us. No contracts and good coverage

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                        Mint Mobile. Have been with them for 2 years. No looking back.

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                          The phone bill for my husband and myself is $55. If you’re 55 or older T-mobile has an unlimited plan for $55.

                          That price is for 2 people.

                          The service is always good.

                          In the fall when Hurricane Ian hit Fort Myers, T-mobile was the only service that worked and everyone had to use my phone to let their relatives know they were ok.

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                            I use Consumer Cellular. It’s better if you get your phone from them, or was for me. I can add a line fir $20 a month then delete it when not needed. Coverage is good.

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                              14.00 a month from spectrum unlimited talk and text. 1 g of data but I have unlimited from my home service of internet.

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                                I have Metro by T-Mobile, and it’s only $50 a month & have never had any problems with the service. 0 contract & you can cancel at anytime!

                                I recommend it to everyone. (I had Verizon before switching, and absolutely hated it) I’m very glad I made the switch!

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                                  I have visible (which is Verizon’s generic brand). I’m rural and no issues (except where NO ONE can get service!). My daughter is on the same plan in the city and also has no issues. We were formerly with Verizon.

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                                    Mint mobile yearly plan. Have had them for three years and I travel ALOT in the US/Canada/Mexico. Works great. Can bring your phones.

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                                      My husband uses consumer cellular, It’s less then $25 a month. He still has a flip phone and doesn’t text.I believe smart phones are included in his plan but he doesn’t bother.

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                                        We have had Cricket for 10 years. We have 4 lines for $100. We get service almost everywhere. The few places we don’t get service is only for a mile or 2. They use AT&T towers.

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                                          We had Verizon for years. I decided to try Straight Talk about a year ago just to compare and the service is just as good for a lot less. I need to switch my husband over one of these days.

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                                            We had Consumer Cellular and LOVED IT. Where we live now for the past five years Verizon is the only cell service available and some times it’s spotty. We can hardly wait for a new tower to have another option.

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